Saturday, December 20, 2014

Still Chuggin Along

Last couple days of ornaments before Christmas and I'm so thankful the workload is slowing down! Just going in for a group(ish) makes me fidgety. I enjoy the challenging ornaments but I'm getting sick of the sheer volume stuff.

In other news, the hubby got a "thanks, but no thanks" from the interview he had last week. We were kinda bummed, kinda relieved. The idea of new baby, new job, relocation all at once was a bit overwhelming.

We've launched our baby shower invites and FB page and I'm excited :) We're doing a coed Bunco party and even though I'll be ~35 weeks pregnant, I'm excited to see friends and family for a good time.

My mood has been pretty positive despite frustration with the ornament scene and a bit of family drama/stress. There always seems to be a transitory fallout when we return from a visit, I just need to catch on and remember what's coming next time!

Funny tidbit.... I never ate strawberries before I was pregnant, and I actually craved some earlier this week! Kinda proud of myself for eating berries in their natural form-even raspberries earlier on in pregnancy-times are a changing!

Starting to prepare for the birth, feeling the end is near!

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