Monday, January 19, 2015

Slow, Fat Day

Did a lot of laundry today and ran some errands this afternoon but the majority of my day was spent lying around. I didn't have much motivation for anything else. I did enjoy the movie I watched, "What a Way to Go!" with Shirley MacLaine and a bunch of other stars, and I didn't find myself in too bad a mental landscape-so all is decent.

Feeling really BIG today. Baby is bearing down low when I'm standing or walking and a can feel zings through nerves around my bladder and pelvis throughout the day. It's getting old fast. I'm freaking out a little that baby is exploding (growth wise) in there and that I'm going to have some mammoth child with walrus rolls. I know I didn't quadruple in size overnight but today it sure felt like it.

We watched the Hawks game yesterday and are still stunned. So much drama. I said to the hubbo, "After a game like that waiting for this baby is gonna be nuthin!" My mom mentioned going south for the Super Bowl since a family friend is a Pats fan but the more I'm waddling about the more I'm thinking of limiting trips outta town til baby comes. We have a trip south this weekend for the shower, so we'll see how that treats me.

Still coping with some anxiety and running thoughts but framing it as a late pregnancy symptom seems to help me keep from freaking out too bad. The hubster is being helpful too as we navigate some tumultuous territory. 

Yesterday he was playing fetch with the dog and the bone hit a door near me and startled me. In my tightly wound, over emotional state the crash of a bone on door proved to be too much and I started blubbering tears. The hubster was a little befuddled (understandable) but within a few seconds fell into a comforting back rub/semi-hug while murmuring that I was okay and safe. 

Just the week before last I was bemoaning moving to weekly midwifery appointments and now I feel like they're more than called for. Between feeling like baby is growing like the Hulk and all the emotions I think the weekly check-ins will be helpful and reassuring.

In other news I had a little giggle this morning when I found a kitchen label turned around:

Apparently someone replaced all my spoons with snoods! Things might be getting a bit hairy in the kitchen ;)

Oh yeah, speaking of which, I did barf this morning. Not in the kitchen, just a "hairy" situation.

I choked on my own spit while lying around and all the convulsing got the barf ball rolling. Unfortunately the barf was quicker than I was today and I missed the toilet a bit trying to aim from a standing position. It was only bran flakes but it was sure a pain in the ass trying to get all the bits out from little crevices in the toilet. Somehow I splooshed right at the crack of the lid mechanism.... Not exactly how one would prefer to cap a barf off!


  1. Just when you think you can't get any bigger, right? And don't worry, you won't have a mammoth baby. It just feels that way.

    Snoods! You have to leave it like that and start calling them snoods.

  2. Had my 35 week appointment and baby is measuring spot on, so no mammoths :) Sure hope I don't get to see what 42 weeks feels like!

    Maybe I'll get the opportunity to ask the hubbo for a "snood" and see what he does haha

    Thanks for reading & commenting! :)

  3. Holy crap! Only 5 weeks left? Time is going by so fast. Please post pictures when baby arrives.


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