Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Barfzilla Take II

Seriously. It's back. It's like I rediscovered the same virus!

Today I puked in this vacant lot:

And them hopefully surmised that breakfast wasn't sitting well with me and that I was good to go ahead and eat lunch. At a Thai restaurant. Yes. It was delicious going down but terrible coming back up a few hours later.

Then the aches and chills began and feeling shaky and dehydrated. The hubs attempted to get in contact with the urgent care I went to back home just over a week ago (we are at the in-laws) but they didn't get back to us within 45 minutes so we went to a local urgent care. My blood pressure was super low, they said not eating/not keeping anything down can do that to ya and warned that I could end up in the ER.

After the obligatory waiting I got more Zofran; less nausea and aches and chills for a bit but I'm feeling the aches and chills coming back at the moment.

In other news, I saw my younger self on the wall of Walgreen's as we pulled up to get my prescription (sucks for them being open til 10:00 pm but we were sure happy for it). Here's what I looked like a wee one:

I stood next to it but ya can hardly see me. Little different around the eyes, just barely but boy, it really looks like my baby pics!

So. We shall see what evening brings and what I can eat, so far I have half a bowl of old Corn Flakes with almond milk and three Fig Newtons to my stomach's name. Nursing the Gatorade and hoping for a solid night's sleep.

Oh, and still battling The Constipation. My life is just scrumptious lately.



  1. When I am feeling sick like this and when I have vomited, I stick to drinking water (to prevent dehydration) and just water, but no milk. Milk is healthy and contains the calcium we need but yogourt would have been a better choice, as it is easier to digest and will be it will fill you up better than the milk and corn flakes. (I buy either the plain/vanilla Activia or the prunes one). I am not very fond of prunes, nor is a friend of mine, but we both really like the Activia prune yogourt! If I am able to handle a yogourt and a glass or two of water (sipping slowly), then in a few hours I will have chicken broth and plain soda crackers. After that I will slowly start eating again. I hope this helps you, Hannah, and I feel for you with the constipation, it is horrible, worse than diarrhea, because at least with diarrhea you don't have the bloating, the crankiness, etc. Not sure if constipation does that to you but it certainly does to me. I feel irritable, bloated, and I lose my energy and feel just overall horrible. Take good care of yourself and I hope what I said here helps you in some way. Sending you a warm hug.

    1. I do feel like the constipation gives me more symptoms like crankiness and even some of the nausea/sickness feelings. These are good tips and I appreciate them :) I like prunes, so maybe I would enjoy that yoghurt!

    2. Hannah, when I get constipated (and thankfully it is not often), boy, do I get cranky! I feel sluggish, bloated and ready to attack. LOL! I hope you enjoy the prune yogourt! :) Take care of yourself.

  2. Oy, oy, oy. This is no fun for you and I'm sorry you're still not pooping. Hope you get to a healthier state soon. Also, I was reading about people not being able to poo today (I do a lot of health reading), and the doctor was talking about, rather than taking magnesium, psyllium, prunes and fiber supplements, that it is better to let go of the stress and address the root issues. And I was wondering. Have you pooped since your sister had the baby? Is there extra stress that could be keeping your poo inside?

    I dunno. Just thought I'd put it out there, really, I don't know you well enough but figured, it would be okay to ask, since we talk about personal things here (which I love).

    Either way, feel better SOOOOOONNNN!

    1. Thanks Whisk :) I do think you are on to something with addressing the core issue(s) and I think that my overall self care and feeling so down the past few weeks really laid the path for the sicknesses and constipation.

      When my sister's due date rolled around I had stopped going on my near-daily outdoor walks and was isolating and then after the baby came things were sadder still. I am looking forward to returning home and getting better.

      And I have noticed it's not just my shoulders that tense with my stress/anxiety, it's my ass too! I think they're on to something, talkin' about stress.

      I have been able to poo some but it's been difficult and I haven't been regular for weeks. I wrote it off as my irregular diet and not drinking as much water as I usually do but I think it's more complicated than just that.

      Thanks for the helpful thoughts!

  3. I am sooooo sorry.
    I hope one end opens and the other closes. Soon.

  4. Oh my dear! Hugs and do feel better soon.

  5. Could it be the medication you are on?
    Laughing at EC's comment!
    Hope you feel better.

    1. There is a side effect warning on various medications regarding constipation, determining which is the cause.... challenging. EC cracked me up too!


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