Saturday, January 9, 2016


Having to leave the family bed when your child is cosleeping with your husband because thoughts of smothering the baby intentionally are stalking you mind.

Although I must say I slept pretty well on the couch.

Feeling slightly better. We'll see if I can stay outta the rut. Yesterday was bad.


  1. it must be so horrible to have these intrusive thoughts... and I do hope the new meds. will put a stop to them. And remember: you are not your thoughts. Your thoughts feel real, but are not true.
    Oh well, who am I to talk...? I'm just copying Tara Brach (.com) a great mindfulness and compassion teacher, whose talks have helped me thru many a difficult patch.
    Hope your couch is super comfortable!

  2. Your logical mind is overriding the strange thoughts..this is a good thing. I hope today is better for you.

  3. You are on top of this. Just realizing that your thoughts are dangerous is all that matters. Thoughts can be so scary but the push in when they are not at all who we are. You are strong and brave. You are good and loving.

  4. Dearest Hannah. This is so scary and tiring for you. I hope 2016 brings an end to the PPD. It is such a horrible experience.

  5. Hannah, is there a PPD support group in your area? There was one in my community 20 years ago and it was incredibly helpful to just connect with other women. I know I have asked this before but I can't remember your answer. If not, maybe there is someone in your community that could co-ordinate one. This is not an uncommon thing after giving birth.

  6. I'm glad today is better. I live with major depressive disorder and a few other monsters and can relate. Hugs, although I don't know you.


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