Friday, January 6, 2017


This afternoon I picked up Baby Bananaface from daycare like the usual, but we had a special moment of uber cuteness...

He seemed to be looking across the street so I followed his gaze and saw a fluffy, labrador-sized, blonde dog hanging out in a fenced yard.

BB babbled, "Da, da," and continued to point.

"Yes! Dog!" I encouraged and smiled.

I whistled at the dog and it came to the fence and looked at us-even barked at us! BB responded with a big smile and more pointing. I asked him to wave hello to the dog and he did! More pointing, smiling, "Da, da," and joy followed. We even made "woof, woof" sounds to the dog.

It was a wonderful moment :o)

In other news, I've been doing chores around the house, preparing for my class to start on Monday, and hitting up the gym for my regular classes and some new ones. I'm trying to push myself a little more at the gym and it feels really good to get those sore muscles going again. It also feels good to be cooking for my hubby and baby, getting back on top of my household chores, and making the most of my days.

One step at a time sure gets ya places, I tell ya what!


  1. Huge smiles and high tens. At least.

  2. Interspecies communication is a wonderful thing!

  3. this post, Hannah! Thank you so much for sharing these priceless and precious moments! :)

  4. What a wonderful moment with your son! Best of luck with the new training and hugs to you both!

  5. Soon BB will be talking non-stop. It's cool and fun when they start talking!

    You are doing great, Hannah. xo

  6. Such a sweet moment! These are the best of all.

  7. Thanks all :o) Happy to share these happy moments!


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