Sunday, June 25, 2017

Highlights AKA Lots of Pics

Been ups and downs like usual around here. I think there have been slightly more ups though :o) Here are some pics from some of the ups!

Father's Day involved sticky buns and strawberry pickin'. I made a pound cake and strawberry sauce for the BBQ that afternoon after we went pickin' just no pics of that :o)

BB wasn't impressed w/ the tractor ride

A different day involved letting a slug nibble on my hand and then my cousin recommended a Slug Fest at a local(ish) wild life park called NW Trek. We had fun and BB was sure exhausted after our adventure! Saw lots of animals though... elk,  caribou, black tail deer, bighorn sheep, moose, swans, geese, snowy owl, barn owl, lynx, black bear, fisher, porcupine, sea otters, beavers, raccoons, opossum... maybe more. Oddly enough, no slugs. :o(

Special cool down treat kept him going!

Then he crashed after making his slug
tentacle hat. Fell asleep not 5 min away!


  1. Hooray for the balance shifting towards the ups.
    BB is growing fast.

  2. Love the pictures of your outings. They look like a lot of fun and ti makes me remember those days with my boys. It was a fun age in a lot of ways. I hope in balance, the good continues to outweigh the bad.

  3. that boy of yours is getting big! Sounds like some fun family time. Very happy for you, and the buns look great. Hugs.

    1. Thanks e! I can't believe he was a little speck floating around in my abdomen and now he's running around with plastic golf clubs screamin' his head off!

  4. Love the buns, love the pics of BB, hate the slugs!! Really, you let a slug nibble on your hand? Pass me the salt!!!

    1. I love slugs and snails! Pill bugs too. Leave the earwigs though...

  5. OMG those sticky buns look good! I could eat the whole pan. That's probably why the slug was nibbling your hand -- you had sticky bun residue on it. I'd do the same.

  6. The sticky buns! Are they all gone? I'm on my way...

    That slug is really cute. I've never seen one coloured like that.

    Your little man is growing so quickly!


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