Monday, June 19, 2017

About a year ago now...

This time last year I started to go to the gym and began working up to my new gym regimen and lifestyle change.

I took a little gander at some of the posts from back then and it made me appreciate how far I've come since then. The changes are more than just muscles and weight, there are so many emotional and mental changes too!

Here's some pics:

I had come a long way from my darkest days last spring and at the same time I was still in a rough place. It was, after all, around that time I had my attempt. I think this past year has been when I've really reached a healthier, safer place---a place where I can say "remission" and truly believe I've reached a good point in recovery regarding my postpartum depression.

It's still a daily battle maintaining good health and emotional stability. I feel much more capable and skilled when it comes to wellness than I did then!

Thank you all for your continued support! Looking back helps me appreciate even more all the people that have been by my side during these tough times as well as my own hard work. Generally it ain't good for me to dwell in the past... sometimes it's good to make a little visit though ;o)

Baby steps. One day at a time. Onward and upward!


  1. Wishing you continued success always!

  2. I am glad that you have seen how your baby steps have equated to HUGE strides.
    Hugs. And high tens.

  3. What a difference a day makes. So happy for your positive changes in the last year. I like what you said about visiting the past, but not dwelling there. Gonna have to remember that.

  4. You rock! Hugs and continued happiness to you!

  5. You are da bomb, Hannah! I wish you only the best...always! Beautiful photos!

  6. You rock, girl! Hugs and more hugs. Always here to support you :)

  7. Cannot wait for you to be 100% healed.

  8. Thank you all! I really appreciate each and everyone one of you and your support!


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