Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Few Things

A) Had a happy anniversary yesterday. There were certainly some "aaagh!" moments (read: potty training & toddler parenting & WTF is a potato doin' tasting like that) and overall it was a good day.

I got the chores done that I wanted to and when the hubs came home I felt like I had "made the home" for him. I had on a dress I know he likes and he walked in with a big smile and a nearly-as-big bouquet for me.

Roses-but-not-roses per my usual taste ;o)
We had special steak from the butcher and after dinner we went to Freddy's and checked Baby Bananaface into the childcare for what we hope would be nearly an hour of "us" time strolling about the store with some java.

Well. We've been potty training, as I mentioned, and BB started dropping the "potty" word. We got paged. I went through the trouble of taking him to the bathroom and stripping down his bottom half to get him on the toilet. He just ran around bare-assed, giggling and evading the pants in my hands.

Yuck-y. Washed those socks right when we got home. *facepalm*

Ended the evening wrapped in fuzzy throws on the couch watching some "Forged in Fire" and mumbling on in pleasant, exhausted conversation littered with tangents...

B)  Let the record show:

I can't remember exactly what I was "right" about.... that's not as important as the hubster's words immortalized on video! (Hoping it plays right... me/technology/ack)

C) I know we got some fellow word nerds around here and I'm wondering what the thoughts and feels are about this bit of internet discussion:

It's apart of economic bulimia, society binges on all of the latest and greatest trends, resulting in a purge into landfills. So they can consume again ostentatiously trying to manifest some artificial semblance of happiness.

Some of the word choices perked my eyebrow. I agree with the gist, there's just something about the delivery that scrunches my brow. Thoughts?


  1. If the potty training and potato had anything in common, well...

    The quote is quite true but comes across as pretentious and arrogant. I feel like the writer thinks he/she is better and above me. Perhaps the writer thinks that he/she is above all that and not part of the problem. In my opinion, we are all part of the problem and thinking we are not is worse than the problem itself.

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary, sounds like it went well apart from the potty part, and of course you were right, women always are, or so I've been told. ;)

  3. Happy belated anniversary!

    Re the "economic bulimia" stuff, I'm assuming it's the use of these mental illness terms to describe the issue that annoys you a little. I personally think that's quite bad and I don't even understand what the point of the message is (could be English being my second language though).

  4. Happy Anniversary -- what a gorgeous bouquet!

  5. Happy anniversary. We watch Forged in Fire over here too. Funny how absorbing it can be.

  6. A very happy (belated) anniversary to you and Hubs. Love that bouquet.
    The pretentious wanker is right - but it doesn't stop him being an irritating poseur. And, as Birdie says, not considering himself as part of the problem - nor offering any solution.

  7. Happy (belated) anniversary. Wishing you both many more wonderful years ahead.

  8. Happy Anniversary and good luck with the potty training. As for the quote, I understand what it's saying, but it looks like someone was trying to make up an example of bad, pretentious writing. And while, I don't entirely agree with the concept, it could provide for an interesting discussion.

  9. Love the flowers. Hugs and Happy Anniversary!


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