Thursday, May 17, 2018

"Ahh" & "Argh"

I finished my observation hours yesterday for my Master's of Arts in Teaching. Over 75 hours observing teachers in action over a month, an arrangement hastily devised on short notice due to my oddly paced schooling.

It was quite stressful for me arranging the observation hours as well as making the transition into such a busy, different schedule and maintaining that schedule/lifestyle change for the month. Lots of driving, frantic meals, messy home space, and bickering with the boys. As aware as I was that I was over-stressed and not able to effectively cope and interact with the hubs and Baby Bananaface, there was/is still some grating there.

Hubster is stressed by his commute and the challenge and effort required by a more demanding job. BB is probably stressed himself by the energy in the house and jostling between daycare and time with Grandma... he's been having some odd potty issues.

This morning, for instance, he took of his pj pants and nighttime nappy (Pull-ups) and instead of going to the toilet as he had been doing for months he grabbed some clothes out of his closet, tossed them on the floor, and pissed on them.





This isn't the first time either... he has been doing this "pee on the clothes" thing and even peed in his desk. With my chaos I haven't been able to focus much on it. Now that I'm wrapping up this observation project I'm shifting focus to BB.

Anyhow. You may be able to tell from these flustered words that I'm feeling a bit hair-brained. An "ahh" from finishing the observation hours, and an "argh" for the transition ahead and mothering challenges.

One thing at a time. I know this. Yet my brain keeps leaping around like some caffeine-charged parkour clown.

School. The Hubs. Baby Bananaface. CrossFit. Weight loss. Muscle gain. Better food  choices for out family. Friends. Family. Relax. Work. Treatment. Appointments. Heat. Sun. Burns. Sweat.

I know it's the right thing to take breaks, do puzzles, watch goofy TV shows and drink water... still I feel frantic. It's time for settling down. Transitioning. Trusting the calm again.

It's time to take time.

One thing at a time.

Thinking of you, Hannah :o)


  1. One thing at a time. One step at a time. And that step can be just marking your place too.

  2. You need some zen in your life! Glad to hear hubster has a new job, even if it is more difficult and has a commute.

  3. What I hear is that you have a very chaotic schedule, but you are handling it with a few bumps along the way. That sounds good to me. Hope you soon get some more settled time to watch mindless TV and play with BB and Hubs.

    Thanks for checking in.

  4. One thing at a time...and yes, BB does appear stressed...what does his kid doc advise? Hugs!

  5. Maybe BB can tell you why he has been not wanting to use the potty. Kids are way smarter than we give them credit for. Try asking with simple words like sad or scared or angry. Or even silly. Maybe he just wants to experiment with pee and using his penis. A good time for dad to show the proper way to do it. ;-)

    I’m so proud of you, Hannah. I know how hard it is to do these things with depression. 💕


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