Tuesday, July 29, 2014


My entire "Reading List" through Blogger has disappeared. Maybe this is what other Blogger bloggers mean when they abstractly refer to "issues with Blogger" before jumping ship to another service. Many moons ago the hubster tried to introduce me to WordPress but it didn't take. 

I remember one of the blogs that I regularly read but I have yet to refill all my "follows." I may never regain the list as I don't remember all of them! Maybe I'll find some new ones. I am slightly annoyed and befuddled but overall not too upset. Sometimes I fantasize about a fire wiping out all my possessions so I don't have to fret about what to keep and what to toss, I guess a Blogger glitch is close enough.

In other news, I played a (kinda mean) game with Fio today. 

Not sure if I've mentioned it before but he has "blankies." As in, he picks a favorite blankie that we get for his crate and he humps, sucks, nibbles, and drags this blankie around with him for months on end until we eventually have to throw it out (his current blankie is near the end of it's life and looks like it's been attacked by moths or pirahnas). 

Well, he gets possessive of this blanket so I decided to play a little game whereby I took the blankie and made him wait to go get it back. The catch was that he would have to calm down before I would let him go to his blankie. Little did I know that it would take him damn near half an hour to completely give up, lay down and stop whimpering, rolling around, crawling toward, sneaking around, and otherwise begging for his blankie. 

Yeah. It sounds pretty cruel. But it was an interesting experiment and I felt like it was important to exercise dominance over the beloved blankie since he can get a bit territorial if the cats sniff or walk too close to it. 



  1. And just (and I mean JUST) as I post this my entire reading list reappears after being missing for days! Wouldn't ya know it....

  2. I gave up on Blogger and went to Wordpress but it is just, of not more frustrating.



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