Sunday, July 13, 2014


Been coping with a mood dip lately and struggling to de-stress, relax, and get a grip. Not feeling so well physically doesn't help the situation!

The hubster said something helpful this morning during our walk, something about how I set the mental tone in my head. If I think something sucks, it sucks. If I think positively about it, I'll be happier. It's simple, straightforward, and true.

Too often I let myself think "down" about things. I think it comes from a family tradition of pessimism that has somehow been mutated into a "realism" that is really just self-defeating mental habits. It's not stupid to be optimistic or positive! It's life affirming and useful!

So I'm going to give positive thoughts a renewed effort for the next few days and hope to avoid falling any deeper into darkness. I'm also renewing my efforts to get active (another side effect of not feeling so hot, I end up on the couch instead of getting active) and keep up with the housework. Between the sickly feelings and the darn heat I've been a bit of a couch slug (one step up from couch potato).

In other news I've been having some crazy dreams lately. One about being mauled by a bear. Another about going hunting with my dad and dodging bullets from crazy hunters around us. Yet another about a bomb scare on a field trip and one about some horrible bleeding (menstrual) at a party-that one nearly qualified as a nightmare though nothing near as terrifying as the bear attack. All in all it's made for some intense nights!

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