Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Don't Jinx Yerself!

I finally caved and had the hubster buy me a donut pillow.

My "little 'roid" finally became a big problem for me. Never having had to deal with hemorrhoids I tried to ignore the issue and hoped extra fiber would fix the issue but sitting all day doing ornaments was driving my butt crazy. The hubster even got me some TUCKS pads and hopefully I'll be less symptomatic soon enough.

It took a lot of discomfort to finally make me acknowledge the problem and do something about it. Hemorrhoids don't exactly have a wonderful public relations record. But it feels better to be addressing the issue and I figured, "if this is as worse as it gets, I can't really complain."

But that's old news now.

Just when I thought I had enough embarrassing, uncomfortable pregnancy business tonight happens.

Exactly? I couldn't sleep, felt slightly hunger-barfy then next thing ya know I'm barfing up a ton of crap from 5 hours ago, peeing my pants as I lean over the toilet, and watching drips of blood swim among the debris as a nosebleed erupts.

The hubby started laundry for my pissy pajamas and the poor bathroom towel/rug while I hopped in the shower. I was barely able to finish a quick rinse/wash before my gut began rumbling.

After hastily toweling off I sat on the toilet while goosebumps and shivers overtook me before a massive bout of diarrhea. One for my record books (not that a barf/pee/nosebleed hadn't already made the record books-this was just a cherry on top!).

When I finally got around to redressing and looking in a mirror my face was splotched with red dots around my mouth in a clowny goatee of what I assume were burst capillaries. Just when I was cozying up to less attractive pregnancy symptoms, the universe goes and ups the ante!

Surprises and shockers. Pregnancy is full of new experiences. Hemorrhoids and what I can only call "mass exodus" being some of the more exciting incidents-more colorful than I expected!

Can't wait to see what 3rd trimester holds in store....

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