Monday, April 6, 2015

Feeling Good-Mostly

Woke up this morning with some rockin' rib pain again. I had had a few days without a major attack so it was frustrating, though makes me feel better about having an appointment with a chiropractor today-with my symptoms improving this weekend and such I thought it might be a waste! Guess not :/

The babe and I did pretty well getting going and off to therapy this morning. He was active alert quite a bit but not melting down or even very fussy which was appreciated.

The session went well. I've been working on self-validating boundaries and my therapist even said it sounds like I'm doing some healthy grieving too (as far as the mother-daughter relationship stuff goes) though she did mention being careful about dwelling on the mother issues too much and becoming bitter, much better to let go and move on in a healthy way. Too true. So hard to avoid comparison in all parts of life but it pays to let things simply be!

The hubbo and I had a good weekend though we were both pretty tired out. He's coming down with something and I'm reasonably exhausted. Despite our tiredness we managed to get out and about on Saturday and do some shopping. We both found some clothes (remarkably I found two pairs of pants in one trip-legendary!) and we felt really good about our baby toting skills-we're getting the hang of it all.

Sunday was very slow for us. A trip to the store for some cough drops for him but we spent most of the day in various states of undress, lazing about with baby and spit up. Not exactly a festive Easter, but we aren't big Easter folks so didn't matter.

I wasn't sure if he would be up to it, but he managed to make us a great dinner with yummy steaks, artichokes, corn, and mashed taters. It wasn't exactly the romantic feast he envisioned as we took turns eating while juggling the fussy baby but it was scrumptious and I even got to enjoy my first postpartum beer! Oddly it was a pale ale, which I didn't drink prior to being pregnant.... So coffee is out and pale ale is in? The surprising things that happen when one becomes a mother!

Today I managed a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home from therapy-my first solo with Baby I think?-and I've got my second load of laundry in the dryer! It's great to feel like I'm getting back to my old/new norm but I'm still being careful not to overdo it. Between my yahoo and ab/back muscles it can get pretty painful if I do too much! Just walking with baby in my arms at the store yesterday was making my back bark... But I'm happy with the progress I'm making and feel encouraged.

My mood has been pretty chipper and relatively stable, though going too long without food sends me spiraling fast. Thankfully with a good meal I'm set right rather quickly.

So that's my jumbled update for now! Back to Baby and off to the chiro this afternoon, first time ever seeing a chiropractor so we'll see how it goes....

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  1. Just keep taking it slow. Remember that babies go through those growth spurts and you need to be ready for them.


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