Thursday, September 29, 2016

Travel Time

Baby Bananaface is carefully scooping the cereal-flavored milk from his tiny toddler bowl, the hubs is frantically showering before I take off for my early gym class, and we're all on a slightly altered schedule as the day proceeds into a departure...

Not sure if I'll be able to type much as the weekend goes by but I'm going to try and do some mobile updates as I go. We're going to visit my in-laws on the other side of the state and it's been quite a while. To top things off the hubster's siblings (all of them) and their families are coming too (as far as we know) to celebrate Dad's 75th birthday.

I'm nervous. I'm excited. I feel homesick in a way. That's the kind of mother-in-law I have, you feel homesick when you don't get to see her in a while! His siblings are nearly strangers to me and I'm not sure if they're aware of the ECT and memory issues and the postpartum jazz... One sister I can talk with and feel like I know but even that is a minimal relationship. *sigh* I can only be me.

As for mood update... I've been doing pretty well. Panic attacks in the early AM but coping well and getting back to sleep afterward. Still get increased anxiety in the evening as I anticipate the sleeping challenges but I'm working on working through that. We shall see.

For now, just keeping as even a keel as I can and getting through a different sort of weekend this weekend!

Happy Friday-eve and early Happy Weekend to all! 


  1. Dearest Hannah,

    It is so lovely to see your post! I am so happy for you, and so proud of you! I hope that you have an amazing weekend and will look forward to any updates you share, as you are able to! Warm hugs and much love. Have a safe and enjoyable trip! :)

  2. A 75th birthday party -- I hope it's fun! Should be lots of candles anyway.

  3. Yay you.
    Have as much fun as you can - and continue looking after yourself.

  4. Have fun, Hannah and best to your in-laws and Happy Birthday to FIL. Hugs.

  5. Enjoy the weekend. I'm always anxious before I travel but okay once I get there if I tell myself that however things unfold will be fine. The trick for me is releasing expectations of how things *should* be. A neat trick when I can manage it. I hope you have a wonderful time. And good for you, navigating the "moments." xo


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