Saturday, May 6, 2017

BB Pics and a Whoops!

Fave sunnies 
Corndog battles 
Banana slug!

So the whoops.

I was upset and stressed and the hubs was picking at me trying to get me talking about it all. I was crying a bit and talking about things with my sister and mom. I feel like I can't put my thoughts and feelings out there and it's very stressful for me watching the (as I see it) dysfunction and trying to just let it go.

Anyways, I'm saying all these things thinking we had the house to ourselves.... then my sister walked in. No clue what she did or didn't hear.



  1. I hate when that happens. Awkward! I usually just pretend they heard nothing unless they mention it or start acting differently toward me. Then I either try to explain and talk it out, or I try to slowly, quietly make amends over time.

  2. I think Barbara has the right idea here...Hugs!

  3. Echoing Barbara and e. And perhaps, if she did hear you, she will think about the issues you raised.

  4. Oh, it is very stressful living with others. Hopefully, as time goes on you will all establish a rhythm that is acceptable to all. If not, maybe you and the hubs can start taking a daily walk with BB and have some private time to talk. I echo Barbara, also.

  5. Baby Bananaface is too cute--is the other cutie a cousin?

  6. Such cute photos. The corndog battle is adorable!
    That was an awkward situation. I hope the dust settles on your end.

  7. I absolutely love these photos, Hannah! I do hope things calm some for you, dear friend.

  8. LOVE the corn dog war. Hang in there, you.


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