Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Visiting a rocky beach

I'm not a big fan of the beach as far as smells and sand. This one stunk although it had rocks instead of a bunch of sand! 

We found tons of crabs and saw porpoises, seals, a loon, eagle, hawk, squirrel carcass, a few trains... it was great :o)

Still taking it day by day and still facing challenges learning to cope with the new family dynamics. Today was a bit stressful...

Off routine and went to brekkie with my sister, mom, nephew (me and Baby Bananaface). Well, my nephew was freaking out and people were staring. Apparently my mom is self conscious about that. BB was awesome. 

Anyways. After the meal, Mom and I drove off with the boys and she said something like, "Now, you have to remember-BB was like that too not too long ago." It had a bit of a chastising edge to it that I didn't appreciate.

Yes, I was pleased with my sons performance at the restaurant. Yes, I had some thoughts about my nephew and wondered if his behavior is age appropriate, purely personality, or influenced by the different parenting styles we employ. I caught myself being judgy and backed that off-then I felt like she was judging me for something she assumed I thought! 

Confusing. Frustrating. So much that I'm not even touching on as I write this quicky email post! Ugh. Will try to write more later and explain more... it was a busy, frustrating day.

Whew. TTYL ;o)


  1. Deep breaths, tomorrow is another day...Hugs!

  2. Girl, you are not going to the right beaches! They should smell wonderful.
    I am getting old. I don't deal with children's tantrums anymore. I have my own to deal with. 😋

  3. Lavender scent and deep breathing can help. Sweet photos. :)

  4. Be kind to yourself. As kind as you would wish/hope others are. Hugs.

  5. Sometimes people knowingly push our buttons, sometimes they don't have a clue they have, but simply stumble upon a raw nerve. "I am a duck. Like water on a duck this just beads up and rolls off my feathers. I am warm & dry inside."


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