Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Yesterday was a close call!

 I stuck to my routine and made it to the gym for my cycle class. Unfortunately, Baby Bananaface wasn't up to handling Playcare. They pulled me outta my class after about 15-20 minutes :o(

After that my mood started slipping. I was better enough to realize why and evaluate some options to try and fight the slide. My resolve crumbled pretty quickly though. My mom was supportive as far as encouraging me to hit another class ASAP. I just wasn't comfortable going to a noon class or one around dinner because of my obligations to BB. My family doesn't really appreciate the value of consistent schedules or nap times, so I try very hard to stick around and get those goals met.

Anyways. She saw me getting slack-faced and staring into the distance and recommended the rowing machine upstairs. I was noncommittal in my response and after a few moments she pointed toward my chest with an assertive jerk of her arm and said, "You get upstairs on that rowing machine."

I didn't appreciate the approach one bit AND I mustered up the courage to tell her so after the fact! In that moment though I was able to recognize how necessary it was for me to get a good workout ASAP and went upstairs to try the rower.

After plugging in my headphones and getting into a groove I managed to have a pretty decent workout. My mood improved pretty thereafter as well. A hot shower and some chores and a few rests (HGTV for the win) and I was getting back into the groove of things.

This morning my improvement has continued and I'm getting back into a proactive mindset. I've been emailing with the CrossFit gym the hubs looked into for me and I'm giving them a try tomorrow morning. I'm nervous and excited. I really hope it's a good fit and I'm still nervous about the level of intensity and fitness.

One day. One hour. Baby steps.

Oh! Baked some awesome bran muffins. Hope to post a picture of a luscious pie later this week ;o)

Thanks for being there for me, friends. Wishing you all a good week wherever you may be :o)


  1. As much as a mom can drive us around the bend they sometimes know what we need. Would you have gone if she used a different approach? Would she be receptive to hearing that?
    Glad you are doing a little better today. 😉

    1. I'm not sure what would've happened had things gone different. I do know that I noticed I didn't appreciate the comment when it happened and I was able to catch myself judging myself and feeling worse self-esteem wise.

      I told her after that I'd appreciate it if she said something like, "I see you're not doing well. I think it'd be a really good idea to _____." That would be a big shift from our status quo and I have no idea how I'd react! I hope that I'd feel less critical of myself.

      She was a bit defensive when I told her that I didn't appreciate how she spoke to me. Said something like she didn't know how else to say it. I can understand, I still don't like the way it made me feel!

  2. Fingers and toes crossed.
    And I am so glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better, and taking steps to make the improvement continue.

  3. I'm glad the session on the rowing machine worked.

    I think we all know the feeling of just taking one hour, one day at a time. Baby steps indeed. Fingers crossed.

  4. Baby steps indeed. They may be small but we still move forward. You are an incredible young woman. And don't you forget it!

    1. Thanks Martha *blushy face* Baby steps for sure!

  5. Hurray! Telling your mother how you feel, talking about baking muffins and pies. Remarkable!

    As for you mother, I know that I don't know all of your history, but I can imagine myself doing the same thing if I were desperate to save my daughter's life. I think she didn't know what else to do. But the important thing is you expressed your feelings. It may not change anything except give you some satisfaction of knowing you did it.

    1. Baking is so therapeutic! I've also been cooking a lot... to help me cope as well as avoid my family's bland cooking. Eesh!

      Those are some good comments that you made about the interaction between my mother and myself. It is a complicated history and I know that she has limitations when it comes to communication. Our family doesn't excel with the open, kind sorta talk, that's for sure.

      Whatever happens I am going to bear that satisfaction and be proud of myself for speaking up :o) You're right on!

  6. Making ourselves exercise is the hardest part. Once it is over it is the most helpful thing for our mental well being.


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