Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Turkey Day

BB is looking so mature! Still, loves his Duplos and Play-Doh and Grandma's yeast rolls.

Grateful for all of you and wishing of all my American friends a happy Thanksgiving. 

This year our family is apart-then hubs and B.B. on the other side of the state while I'm home. It was the only way to make the cost of a car rental worth it and make sure I get all the hours at work possible.

So far, so good. Little sad and missing my boys but keeping busy.


  1. Sorry you and your family are apart, Hannah. Happy Thanksgiving anyway.

  2. There will be lots of future Thanksgivings when you'll be together! So keep a happy thought! BB is quite the little man these days.

  3. He is looking so handsome! I'm sorry that you could not be together today but you are doing the best you can for your family and that is important. Cheers and hugs and I hope you get some turkey.

  4. I am sorry that you are apart.
    Loving the look of your little man. He is growing sooooo fast.
    And Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. My gosh, BB looks so grown up here. The time is just flying by!

  6. BB is growing up very fast, he's a going to be a handsome young man. Learning to be apart is actually good for relationships I think, and it makes times together more special.

  7. Thanks everyone! BB and the hubs seem to be having a great time over there and I've been doing pretty well. Up north staying with my ornament-business friend for Cyber Monday rush.


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