Thursday, April 10, 2014

ND Appointment & A Plan

Yesterday was my ND appointment to review my lab results and discuss a few preconception health concerns. I was nervous, afraid it would be negative but it ended up being a great appointment.

My lab results were mostly good. I was worried about my glucose but she was really happy with my levels. The only "issue" was my Vitamin D level and now I'm taking 10,000 IU/day for a month to try and boost it up. It was also good to find that I am NOT anemic and my thyroid meds are doing well-with a small caveat.

My thyroid levels were all within "normal" ranges but one of units wasn't quite as high as my ND would like. Instead of fiddling with my dose she suggested simply increasing co-factors, trying to help boost my body's ability to manufacture the chemicals. Sounds good to me!

The preconception aspect of the appointment revolved mostly around improving my current health through nutrition, exercise, and weight loss. Taking a prenatal vitamin, fish oil supplements, and avoiding alcohol/caffeine as well. Funny how simple things aren't necessarily easy! Trying to eat nutritiously is a big habit change for me (living with "Chocolate" as a main food group causes some issues) but I know it will pay health dividends.

My current BMI is 35 and the goal is to reach 25 AKA losing around 60 lbs. That would still be technically "overweight" but much, much closer to "healthy" and within good range to lower my risk factors.

It's a big leap. Think, size 20/22 to size 10/12. Nothing new there, I well aware that my weight has been out of control for years now, but taking on the challenge brings home the big difference in numbers! It helps to remember that I was once down to that weight. My body can do it, I know it can, and I was comfortable and happy and healthier, it just takes work and patience.

So, today is the first day of pursuing my new health goals. This includes exercise and nutrition goals (more fiber and more protein and 7 fruits & veggies a day) and so far it's already a challenge! It's hard to make myself eat when I'd rather sip water and go on with my day, but those nutrients won't inject themselves into my blood stream!

Little by little!

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