Monday, August 18, 2014

Mrs. W or Mrs. Worrywart?

After weeks of eating poorly (think bland, beige foods with not enough nutrition for proper wellness) and feeling sick my mood is suffering. I've had a couple mini-episodes that I seem to be bouncing back from all right (a bad night and then a slow day and I'm back at it) but overall my mood has been lowering in a slow decline.

The lack of energy and general "yuckiness" is one thing but now the anxiety and near-perpetual worry is beginning to haunt me as well.

Of course, being pregnant gives one thousands of things to worry about. The thing is, worrying doesn't get me anywhere! And after resolving where the baby shower would be held I immediately found myself moving on to a new worry and I recognized that I'm in a bad mental pattern leaping from worry to worry on an endless, stressful loop.

I've made the first step in the right direction by recognizing the problem and now I'm moving into proactive problem solving mode.

My energy has been up and down lately. Some days are better than others but I'm taking advantage of what rebound in energy I can and am accomplishing more chores and getting more exercise (walks) and even trying to integrate some yoga into my routine (new habit still pending).

Exercise certainly helps my mood but is only one piece of the puzzle. I've also got some mental habits to work at and for this I'm looking to mindfulness and meditation. The yoga certainly helps me flex some of these mental muscles in addition to physical benefits but I need to take the change beyond my yoga practice and into my entire day.

And when all else fails some good ole distraction can save the day. Thankfully I've got a to-do list a mile long and am never short of something distracting to do. Whether it be chores, reorganizing for baby, crafting, or watching a favorite show (yes, The Golden Girls have been over to my house a lot recently) it all helps get me through rough patches.

Even though I'm not exactly stellar lately I feel like I'm able to avoid backsliding into severe conditions and am optimistic that I can turn things around for the better.

In other news, my pregnancy symptoms seem to be getting a little bit better but there are still bad days. Nausea and low energy can throw a wrench in my day but on good days I'm able to get some stuff done and feel like I'm contributing.

The hubby and I have been surprised at how difficult the first trimester was and we're anxiously awaiting the fabled "Golden Tri" where my symptoms are alleviated. Of course, there are no guarantees and I could be sick for the entire 9 months but we have to hope that isn't so!

Millie puked the bed and Iroh is doing fine though he is looking "old" from time to time. A little wibble wobble hip action lately for the old bloke. Fio is still psychotic and a handful on walks around other dogs but after a good long walk, when he tires out a bit he seems to do better, so I'll carry on forcing him to walk as far as I can stand!

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  1. I threw up so much with both my pregnancies I lost weight! 25 pounds each time. Oh, gawd it was awful. It does pass and it was worth it.

    Worry. Oh, girlfriend. It is just starting. You are going to worry for the rest of your life from now on. I thought I would worry less as my kids got older (now 16 & 18) nut, nope. I worry more.

    I was thinking about you and PPD. I had no problems with my son but I did with my daughter. I think being aware that you have a higher chance of dealing with depression will be a great help. Is there a PPD support group in your area? Don't expect it to happen but be prepared. One thing about PPD, is it has no affect on how much you will love your baby!


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