Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Good grief, yes, indeed, the prunes worked.

We've seen blowouts but today was the first "real poo" diaper mudslide, melted chocolate, "oh dear God, give me another wipe" blowout.

True to form, Baby Bananaface was totally chill and reserved despite the massive load between his legs. He'd crammed poop up the front and nearly out the back and so thick it was solid brown front, sides, and back. Even as the hubs and I were gagging on the stench of processed prunes, carrots, rice cereal, formula, and breast milk, we were pretty impressed and proud of him.

In other news, today was a rough day but a good day to some degree.

I got my hair done early this morning and from there went north to a La Leche League meeting (cue trouble). I was afraid to try the valet parking and ended up parking in the "same olde parking garage" which would've been fine but I was already 15 minutes late and found myself driving to the next to last level (aaahhh!) and then I got confused and a bit lost trying to find my way to the right building and got teary despite a lovely lady helping me out. By the time I got to the right place and the friendly security guard asked me if I was all right I lost it (AKA box of tissues, multiple wads, racking sobs at the security desk lost it). Eventually I made it to the meeting, red eyed and shaking. I changed the babe off to the side and then kept mostly to myself, avoiding eye contact and shadowing B.B. as he crawled everywhere. I chimed in a bit at the end but was mostly fragile and embarrassed. Nobody inquired and pressured and we went from there to a drive thru for lunch and from there to therapy back south.

Therapy went pretty well, a few tears but not a totally breakdown. We talked about schedules and for my family's sake getting a schedule figured out and stuck to. We've been pretty "free and wild" as far as following baby's lead but the hubs and I need a bit more.... nurturing (?) carved out for ourselves, individually and as a couple, so .... schedule. Tough thing for me, but gonna try to work on it.

Went to a restorative yoga class this evening. Quite late for my schedule but I was very glad that I went (invited by a friend).

Heard on the radio about a Danish zoo doing a live dissection for school kids. Apparently it's causing a fuss (just not in Denmark) and I found myself sort of disgusted but supportive. I guess I'd like to be the kind of person that supports that sort of science-y sensibility full bore but I'm not sure I'll ever have a stomach for dissections. I got queasy cutting up a worm in biology class. Yes, we did dissect worms and yes, I really did get queasy. Seriously.

Egh. To bed with me. Again, so tired, so through with my day!


  1. A mixed day - but I am so pleased that there were, there are pluses.
    Don't think I do support live dissection. It would gross me out, and I don't know that the school kids would learn anything from it.
    Sleep well.

  2. Definitely a mixed day. And I hope today the scale balances even more towards the positive. We dissected frogs in my high school biology class. Correction: the OTHER kids dissected frogs. I couldn't do it. Thank goodness we were partnered up and only one of the team needed to carry out that task. What a horrible day that was!

  3. We had to dissect rats and no I didn't even touch the thing. I am forever grateful for my lab partner that was quite happy to do it.
    I once took a picture of my daughter's HUGE diaper blowout. It was crazy!

  4. I had to dissect a frog once in high school and it grossed me out! :)

  5. Thank you all :) I had no idea there would be so many dissection memories!


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