Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rainy Day, Busy Day

This morning we slept in til glorious 7:43 AM then had our brekkie, loaded up our thermoses, leashed the dog, and hit the trail for a family walk. I had no hat, the hubs had no jacket, and the babe was riding grown up kid style and partially exposed.... to the rain. Caught us by surprise and by the time we got to the car we were dripping. It was wonderful except for the fact that I could feel all the pleasure I knew it was trying to give me. The hubster reached for my hand and I avoided him, he bent to give me a rainy kiss and I looked away, the kiss glancing off my cheek. I couldn't feel the joy, but I knew the stage was set, I suppose that's something of a positive step.

The best defense against rain? Napping. 
A good portion of the day we spent in Seattle. First at the Burke museum fondling dead birds (it was a birding event) and then at Northgate for lunch and a stroll.

Later we gave Baby Bananaface prunes-he loved them! And I'm currently on "poo watch." He got a little backed up when we introduced cereal and such. Anywho, poo sighted! Good night all :)


  1. Love the baby Bananaface's happy smiles. And share his fondness for prunes.

  2. Bananaface is adorable and has such a sweet smile! Precious. :)

  3. I love his little striped socks! So cute. He is adorable.

  4. Thanks all, yep prunes are yummy! We have a miniature poodle Whisk. 😊


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