Monday, October 19, 2015

Out and About and About and About

The chalkboard from a favorite sandwich place in downtown Olympia where we had lunch with my dad last Thursday. We then had drinks with my brother and dinner with the hubby's sister and eventually made it home in the cover of darkness and exhaustion. 

The picture of the white rock is from the hike we went on Saturday, Lake Twenty-Two. It's been quite a while but I kicked this hike's butt this time (it's kicked mine before so I think it's only fair).

These pictures are from our date day on Sunday; the hubs dealing cards at the local brunch spot we stumbled upon, the hub standing by a slug's poopy afternoon snack on a trail in the sea grass, and then a rather intrepid fuzzy caterpillar rippling it's way across the beach sand.

 I am quite fond of these caterpillars as I remember them from my elementary school years, we'd find them all over the school campus and "save them" from the concrete stomping grounds of our peers :) and ya know, I never knew til just now that they turn into these guys?

Our date day was nice but exhausting. We were down south Thursday and then to be doing that drive again and then some on Sunday was a bit much. I think we figured that Sunday was close to 8 hours of driving. !!!

In addition to seeing an awful lot of the inside of our car, we also saw a movie together for the first time in many moons. I actually enjoyed myself (once the nausea from my initial anxiety wore off) and I can recommend "The Martian" to those interested-even if you don't think you are, you'll probably enjoy it!

I'm pretty tired, read fatigued, and my shoulders are causing me grief almost constantly lately but it was good to get out. Sad to see that I am struggled to really feel happiness at the moment though. Tomorrow is the hubs' and my 3rd wedding anniversary and we have decided to hit the spa and get a couples' massage and soak in some hot waters etc. Looking forward to that but more than a day's respite I'd like to feel like our little family is in a safer, healthier space and that I'm making progress... as it is I'm feeling frustrated and discouraged and disappointing. 

Anyways. Maybe I can get on top of things and do a Monday Missive next week! OH-and the birds went through my sunflower hearts suet like it was cotton candy. I think I'm going to expand my bird feeding arsenal and try to keep them occupied a bit longer.... I'll try to get pictures of the visitors :)


  1. I just filled the feeder again. I will have to buy a lot of feed this year but watching the birds is one of my favourite things. :-)

    I can't get the video to load. What do those caterpillars turn into? I have always wondered.

  2. The video isn't working for me Hannah, and I tried a few times. I have always liked caterpillars. Birds are a lot of fun to watch and can be very soothing, too.

  3. No video here either.
    Love that you kicked that hikes butt. It looks like a truly beautiful area for a bit of butt kicking too.
    And the birds are greedy here as well. Food disappears almost as soon as it goes out.

  4. Oh, I love those caterpillars! I don't know how many of them I save per year as they try to make their way across roads, pathways, etc. They stir emotions in me and I don't know why. Perhaps, like you, they make me think of my childhood. Is it possible I've been saving their lives since way WAY back then?

    I have heard to much about that movie "The Martian" and I'm intrigued. But I think I'll read the book first before I watch the movie.

    I LOVE your plans for your anniversary. 3rd wedding anniversary? You're still newlyweds :) Enjoy the day!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you. Your plans sound like great fun.

  6. Hmm. I posted a picture of a video. Wonderful! Unfortunately I'm not qualified to fix it, though I might just try tomorrow.

    BTW The wooly bear caterpillars turn into moths referred to as Isabella tiger moths ;)


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