Monday, June 13, 2016

Ask Me Anything Answers: Part V

I have a slew of questions from Martha over at "Plowing Through Life" for this round of answers from my "Ask Me Anything" post and I'm going to try to plow right through them, all at once, but there are some challenging ones to be sure!

1) What is one of your biggest fears? One of my biggest fears is losing my husband. He has shown me so many wonderful new things, so much joy, so many positive angles to look at life through, and so much love that I have a very hard time imagining my life without him. It's a very scary thing for me and I try to avoid thinking about it whenever possible!

2) What is one of your favorite quotes? One of my favorite quotes is, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." from Mr. Henry David Thoreau. When I changed my major to English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing I remember this quote soothing my anxious soul and making me feel more at ease with following my heart and my dreams instead of outside pressures. Not that I'm a published author or a professional editor (yet) but maybe someday?

Another new favorite that I recently discovered is, "The future is no more uncertain than the present." from Mr. Walt Whitman. It is quite helpful to me when I'm struggling with anxiety (which is frequently of late). 

3) If you could live in another period of time, what would you choose? This is a tough one for me. I know watching certain older movies and seeing how women are treated and/or portrayed can really bother me, so I imagine living in another period of time might rub me the wrong way! That said, I think it would be exciting to live during colonization, during a period when new animals and cultures were being discovered so often that there must've been a sense of wonder and willingness to admit to not knowing everything whereas today I feel like people think every answer is on the internet somewhere. Not having toilets would suck but I guess I'd get used to it!

4) What superpower do you wish you had? Hmmm... flying was my first impulse and initial response but I think having super healing powers and being able to touch someone and cure them with my mind would be a nice power too.

5) What changes, if any, do you want to see in the mental health care industry? I think there is still a long way to go as far as stigma is concerned. I know that I hold mean judgments against myself and believe that I should be able to "fix it" with or without meds and think "why are you still sick?" and have a sort of angst and I see that far more often than I'd like in all circles including providers, patients, and the public. I think once we work past that we might get further with treatments and support systems to really make an impact in mental health care on a broad scale.

6) What is the meanest thing someone has ever done to you? What is the nicest? I think the meanest thing someone has ever done to me (or one of the meanest things) was my college boyfriend hiding that I existed or that we were dating from his family. This included hiding my clothes and things in the closet when they visited and even pushing a dresser in front of the closet to prevent his brother from seeing my things (they even got into a fist fight, so he said, over preventing the brother from inspecting the closet) and diligently preventing me from ever bumping into his family. It was very invalidating and I ended up becoming suicidal and quite miserable by the time we broke up and I moved out... now that I think about it I'm amazed I lasted as long as I did in that relationship! It was a very... unique experience.

I think the nicest thing someone has done for me is the hubster stopping everything to get me to look him in the eyes and "Tell me what you're thinking. Tell me everything. Please." He has done this or something similar to it multiple times when I'm feeling anxious or having negative thoughts and he is trying to uncover my dark thoughts and it is the most validating, soothing thing anyone has done for me. It feels like nothing else matters except shedding light on those dark thoughts and getting me to feel better and I so appreciate that recognition and assistance.

There was also a surprise birthday party I remember when I was 13. We walked into the house after my dad had taken me to Seattle for a day trip and lunch or something and I already felt so spoiled from the trip I just burst into tears when everyone yelled "surprise!" it was so overwhelming. But then my mom yelled at me when I ran to my room to hide my red, crying face so it's sort of a mixed memory... Anyways! Moving on.

7) What historical person do you admire most? Honestly, I feel under-educated and under-aware when it comes to historical figures which makes it difficult for me to pick someone. Once I can explain why I would admire that person most and actually have a grasp on their basic biographical information I could answer this question, but as is I'm claiming ignorance... I know I admire John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt and while I know it has to do with conservation and personality I don't feel educated enough to lay down a firm answer to this question.

8) What would you do (on thing or many) to improve the world? I tend to get confused and overwhelmed when I think about this. I am aware of the fact that I don't know much as far as "how the world works" and I'm also a victim of highly variable moods that can really affect my thinking/perspective. That said, I'll try to express a point...

Sometimes I feel like the world would be better if there wasn't so much... um, I don't know how to put this, "industry" isn't the right word because industry is good but what I mean is the selfish, ad-centric, self-conscious, "fix it til it's perfect" sort of race that makes people feel bad about themselves and makes comparison run through our culture like a plague. I feel like we're as unified as we've ever been all over the planet and I hope this will keep improving but I feel like we have some serious problems with hurting ourselves and each other with the way we run our economy and our world... It's really complex and confusing but something about improving kindness and consideration I suppose. I hope this makes some small portion of sense to somebody!

9) What's your advice in life in a few words or a few short sentences? Be kind to yourself. Live life with a legacy of love in mind.


  1. Hi Hannah, great answers, and I enjoyed reading them. I agree with the stigma in reference to mental illness. We still have a very long way to go! I have some questions for you, and I will share them now.

    1. What is your favourite animal?

    2. What fragrance or scent do you find the most soothing?

    3. Do you prefer eating at home or dining out?

    Thanks a lot, I always look forward to your posts and enjoy them very much. Love and hugs. :)

  2. Great answers. Many of which resonate strongly.
    And yes, someone prepared to listen to the dark side is incredibly empowering.

  3. Wow, Hannah! What an amazing post. At first, I was thinking "Oh no...did I really ask so many questions!?!" And then I was like "I'm so glad I asked so many questions!" I feel like I've gotten to know you so much just with this post alone. You are an amazing person; kind and compassionate and extremely introspective. Thank you for answering all my questions and sharing so much about yourself, so openly!

  4. Love reading these. :) You have such a beautiful soul!

  5. Ah, thanks all :o)

    Linda's questions get answered next week I believe!

  6. Wow, these were great to read. Go Martha for coming up with excellent questions and go YOU, for answering them so well. You are a great writer, even when it comes to answering questions.

    1. Ah, thanks :o) Martha did come up with some great questions!


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