Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Words for Wednesday

It's Words for Wednesday! Come an' get it!

Glad you found me :o) As Sue AKA Elephant's Child says, Words for Wednesday is a moveable feast and I'm so happy to be providing the prompts this month.

Prompts can include pictures, phrases, quotes, words, music, or beyond and any combination of the above as well. Participants may use all the words or some, include the quotes or simply be inspired by the imagery, quotes, or music.

However the prompts move you to write, it's a-okay with us! The rules are, "Write, baby, write." Whether it's poems, plays, short stories, prompts, lyrics, or more, whatever you like-just write.

You are welcome to put your creation in the comments section below or use the prompts to write your heart out on your own blog (just please leave a comment here so we all can come by, read, and applaud your efforts).

Next month prompts will be found back at Elephant's Child blog but provided by Margaret Adamson and her friend Sue Fulton.

For now, here are this week's prompts (a rather hearty offering, but next week should be more petite):

Convalescence - Rancor - Empathy - Expertise - Dangle - Tissues


Wander - Bolt - Covert - Tempting - Sweet - Familiar

I can't quite explain the connection between the abandoned car and the cupcake batter, but they both reminded me of my childhood so I just went with it. I will post my own creation here tomorrow.

Happy writing and good luck!


  1. Some great prompts here. I will be out most of tomorrow. With luck I will get to them on my return. Thank you.

    1. Thank you! Sounds good. I'm also not sure when exactly I'll be writing but I hope to soon! :o)

  2. These words are really going to challenge me! Thank you.
    My story should be on my blog on Friday 5th.

    1. You're welcome! Hope you have some fun and I'll be by later to check out the story! Good luck!

  3. I don't follow challenges, Hannah, but I wanted to wish you a fantastic Wednesday and rest of the week. Hugs and love to you. :)

    1. Thank you very much Linda, I appreciate that :o) Hugs!

  4. G'Day Hannah....being a regular to "Wednesday's Words"'s my take on this week's words and images.

    It's nice to meet you! :)

    "With the 2016 Olympics about to commence I just know I’m going to have many long days and late nights as I watch the competitors display their talents, their EXPERTISE; doing the sports they love the best.

    Filled with excitement, I’ll watch, while holding my breath, as they perform their chosen sport; a sport they’ve spent years of dedicated training to enable them to reach the pinnacle of their dreams. To cheer along with the rest of the world when the fruits of all their hard work come into play. There is no need to DANGLE a medal in front of them. They compete because the drive to do their best is natural to them.

    There will be times I will need a box of TISSUES close by. I cry at the drop of a hat. I shed tears of happy moments and sad. I don’t discriminate.

    I hope everything throughout the next two weeks goes smoothly; that there are no disturbances to what should be a happy, inspiring event. I’m tired of feeling RANCOUR because of the misbehaviour of some within our society.

    Let’s hope all anger, envy, hate etc., are put aside during The Games...and let’s hope that atmosphere continues long after The Olympics are over.

    I'm looking forward to watching and cheering on Usain BOLT.

    I’ll be wishing I was there in person to experience the special moments. Perhaps I could dress as an official and, in a COVERT manner I’d be able to WANDER from one venue to another. The thought is TEMPTING.

    I know because of my soft, marshmallow core, I will have EMPATHY for those who don’t fulfil their dreams of receiving a medal, but having made The Olympics is reward enough in itself. I hope they realise and understand this to be so.

    At the end of the next two weeks, for me, it will be like a CONVALESCENCE period as I unfold myself from the sofa and return to the real world.

    In the meantime, I’m preparing a lot of delicious SWEET things to munch on while watching the events. My third batch of dark chocolate cupcakes is already in the oven. Like a squirrel stocking up for winter, I’m stocking up for The Games. It’s a FAMILIAR scene - I do similar every four years. I have it down pat.

    By the end of the next two weeks, I’ll either have a massive sugar overload or, like an old car abandoned in the bush, I’ll be discovered by those in the outside world who will suddenly remember that I do, in fact, still exist!"

    1. Wow, way to go! I love how it's topical too! I totally agree with you on "I hope everything throughout the next two weeks goes smoothly; that there are no disturbances to what should be a happy, inspiring event," very good point. Thanks for participating and I hope you enjoy The Games :o)

    2. Lee, you are brilliant as usual. You definitely hit the nail on the head choosing the timely subject of the Olympics.

    3. Big smiles. And hopes that your wishes will come true...

    4. Thank you everyone...I appreciate your kind words. :)

  5. Nice one Lee, but please remember to not hold your breath too long or too often. I'll only be watching the bits I see on the news.

  6. Thank you Hannah for the great challenges in words and pictures. I chose the first set of words:
    Convalescence - Rancor - Empathy - Expertise - Dangle – Tissues
    And the car picture.

    AGING by Granny Annie

    The abandoned car found there
    Appeared to be in convalescence.
    Years of neglect had caused it to
    Lose it's effervescence.

    Treatment of a once fine car
    Began to raise my rancor.
    Not even good enough to be
    Repossessed by the banker.

    The thoughts of this neglected car
    Definitely stirred my empathy
    Perhaps such abandonment
    Would become my legacy.

    Formerly talented with a lot
    Of life's brilliant expertise,
    Then one day deserted to
    Gather rust and never please.

    A bright ornament on the
    Car mirror used to dangle.
    Now wilted beyond recognition
    Hanging at an awkward angle.

    Tears in my eyes caused me to
    Dig in my purse for tissues
    Walking away from the car forever
    While my own aging plight continues.

    1. Thanks and great job! I especially love the use of "effervescence" and "wilted."

    2. You really nailed this one. Again. And my effervescence wilted quite some time ago.

    3. Terrific, as usual, Annie! Love it! :)

    4. Another excellent poem Annie.

  7. I have lurched to the dark side this week.

    Behind the fence, resting peacefully in his precious car with a bolt through his brain, is the first inhabitant of my own 'Body Farm'.
    For the moment, tempting as it is to wander in and see how matters are progressing, I limit myself to covert glances as I drive by.
    Revenge is a dish best served cold they say. Hot, cold, lukewarm it tastes sweet to me. Very sweet. I don't think I will wait as long when the familiar rage strikes next...

    1. Oh! Dear! I've just cancelled my flight! I won't be paying you a visit this weekend, EC!! :)

      Well done!!! (I'm not game to say otherwise!) ;)

    2. you certainly have gone dark EC. You remembered to wipe off the fingerprints I hope.

    3. Wow, you weren't kiddin' about the "dark side!" I especially liked the part "Hot, cold, lukewarm it tastes sweet to me." :o)

  8. I love how different the two pictures you selected are.

  9. Wednesdays Words on a Friday

    Words for this Friday are as follows.

    My composition follows, ' Memories when a child of nine during the thirties in merry England '..

    When I was a child I would WANDER around the FAMILIAR local countryside and into the woods or COVERT as was the local term . These woods would play host to many forms of flora and fauna which had survived the ravages of urbanisation and development. I came well prepared with my box of sandwiches and my towel and outer clothing hoisted above my head as I waded into the chilly water hoping there were no hungry fish seeking a juicy meal of a large worm. On dry land I dressed and went foraging for hazel nuts which normally would be in abundance at that time of the year, however my arrival created much ado and scurrying from the colony of Red Squirrels who would BOLT to take cover up the trees faster than the eye could follow them.
    Having found one tree which unfortunately had been harvested I knew my search for those SWEET TEMPTING nuts was going to be a futile exercise and I assumed that if one tree was laid bare the others would be too and the fruit of the Squirrels labour stored away out of sight for the Squirrels winter hibernation and. It was nice to know those pesky Grey American squirrels had not found and destroyed this colony of local Reds, this was due to their habitat being completely surrounded by water .leaving them totally isolated.
    Chalgrove Oxford ENG !935

    1. Fascinating about the squirrels and invading colonies-we had a similar dynamic on my college campus between some black/grey and red squirrels. At one point a couple folks dressed up in large squirrel costumes and recreated the battle!

      Thanks for participating and sharing, hope to see ya next week!

  10. 2nd Words on Wednesday.

    2nd Words on Wednesday.


    Below is my Composition.

    I know a business executive, a modest man recently out of CONVALESCENCE after a serious accident, no tears for this brave man so save your TISSUES, his EMPATHY towards the Guilty party in the accident shows the type of person who is rarely defeated. No problem, no set-back ever gets him down. He simply attacks without RANCOR each difficulty with an optimistic attitude and a sure confidence that it will work out all right -.together with an EXPERTISE where he does not need to DANGLE a juicy carrot to persuade a client. He seems to have a magic touch on life-a touch that never fails.

    Vest ... Back soon

    1. Nice job on a second piece! Very different from the first, I wonder if that's because of the different words or just 'cuz? Either way, way to go!

  11. Granny Annie and Lee. Great reading, thank you.


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