Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Words for Wednesday

As Sue AKA Elephant's Child says, Words for Wednesday is a moveable feast and I'm so happy to be providing the prompts this month.

Prompts can include pictures, phrases, quotes, words, music, or beyond and any combination of the above as well. Participants may use all the words or some, include the quotes or simply be inspired by the imagery, quotes, or music.

However the prompts move you to write, it's a-okay with us! The rules are, "Write, baby, write." Whether it's poems, plays, short stories, prompts, lyrics, or more, whatever you like-just write!

For now, here are this week's prompts:

Fireflies (or lightning bugs, per your dialect)

You are welcome to put your creation in the comments section below or use the prompts to write your heart out on your own blog (just please leave a comment here so we all can read and applaud your efforts).

Next month prompts will be found back at Elephant's Child blog but provided by Margaret Adamson and her friend Sue Fulton.

Happy Writing!


  1. Thank you so much for continuing to provide the prompts when I know you have been struggling. It is really, really appreciated.

    1. Hannah has done a marvelous job and even has one extra week t hat most don't have. Her words and pictures have truly been inspiring.

    2. Oh, thank you both so much! I really appreciate the encouragement :o)

  2. tick, tick, tick; that's my mind ticking over, my story will be on my blog Friday 26th.

    1. I always anxiously await your Friday post for WFW

    2. Yay! Thanks for commenting and letting us know!

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  4. I love the images these words ignite...

    "Sitting out under her favourite tree in the back paddock was neither the place nor the time for her to feel SOLEMN; and she never did. It soothed her soul. The old tree had always felt like her Lord Protector.

    The silver glow of the full moon highlighted the bright colours in her CHECKERED shirt. WHISTLING softly to herself she poured a steaming milk coffee from her THERMOS. She loved her solitary nocturnal reveries.

    The FIREFLIES dancing about like pretty little fairies never failed to fascinate. Allowing her imagination run freely, she pretended they were Tinkerbell and her friends. Snapping off a SLIVER of grass, she spun it between her fingers as she reflected upon her happy childhood."

    I hope things are getting better for you, Hannah...perhaps you need a tree like the one that stirred my imagination. Take care. :)

    1. I spent many hours under a tree as a child and you touched those feelings with this writing Lee. Thank you. We are all pulling for Hannah and thanking her for doing this with all she has going on.

    2. Love this Lee. I had trees like this in my childhood too.

    3. Thank you for your kind thoughts Lee and for your beautiful piece! What a glorious scene!

    4. Very peaceful Lee. I spent many hours around trees myself, usually in them not under them, I liked to get up high and catch the wind.

  5. Great job with the words this week Hannah. My composition is also posted on my blog.

    TIME ERASED by Granny Annie

    Standing guard with only
    The company of the FIREFLIES,
    He yearned for his grandfather
    As he gazed into the skies.

    The young boy knew Pappy
    Would eventually come there.
    He closed his eyes.
    He said a special prayer.

    Others taunted the boy about
    His granddad's CHECKERED past
    Leaving the youngster
    With eyes and heart downcast.

    He tried not to let it matter.
    He spent this time
    WHISTLING the happy tune
    Pappy taught about sunshine.

    Perhaps the song would
    Lead his grandfather to him.
    This waiting a SOLEMN time
    As the park lights grew dim.

    The anxious boy opened the THERMOS
    Pausing before taking a sip.
    A SILVER haired man approached.
    You could sense the kinship.

    Pappy gently reached out
    To wipe the boys tears.
    He embraced his grandson.
    He erased the missing years.

    1. Great job, Granny. I read it on your blog before this. Thanks for sharing and HB, thanks for hosting.

    2. This is lovely, Annie...very emotive. Well done! :)

    3. So lovely, way to go-thank you for sharing! I love that someone used CHECKERED in the phrase "CHECKERED past!"

      PS You're welcome, Whisk :o)

    4. This gave me shivers for a moment and then a smile as Pappy embraced his grandson.

  6. I am wrestling with a lurgy at the moment. Voiceless with a horrendous cough. My not very inspired contribution is below.

    Fireflies are welcome,
    Checkered past? Not a problem.
    Whistling is encouraged (but not while you work).
    Solemn faces? If you must.
    Thermos? Of course.
    Sliver of happiness? We aim for great slabs of it.
    Please, please keep the Park Clean so we can all enjoy it. Today and for all our tomorrows.

    1. I love the energy of this and the use of "CHECKERED past!" Way to go, contributing despite the cough!

    2. Love this EC and hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. I love it, EC....I'm sure you'll get the Gold Medal for the wrestling event you're partaking in! Get well soon...very soon. :)

  8. I did not know what "lurgy" was and had to look it up. Sorry you are suffering with an unknown illness. Meanwhile you stood to the challenge of writing quite well as you always do. I am wishing you "great slabs of happiness..."


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