Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Vacay Mega Post!!!

For our vacation we went up north to a little town called Birch Bay and stayed with my parents at a condo. We played a lot of card/dice/word games and also saw some of my relatives (my two remaining aunts from my dad's side and even a cousin of mine and my sister for a little bit the first day) as well as participating in a variety of day trips and other fun.

It was a good trip even though I battled through some anxiety at times. Some of the highlights included working out at the gym watching "I Love Lucy" and "The Golden Girls" from the treadmill, communicating with my mom about my anxiety and getting support from her, going to Canada and golfing as well as getting Baby Bananaface his first haircut, and playing in the pool with my family.

Here are some pics captured by my mom throughout the trip, there are a few repetitive ones and quite a variety but I felt like some were too good not to share!

All of us at my alma mater, Western Washington Uni.
I got a new sweatshirt that I've been wanting for months-

The hubs and BB enjoying the pool

Apparently Mom took a shot of me in the pool-
I look so happy I'm even comfy sharing
the pic even with me in a bathing suit!

The hubster had some very angry energy
with his very aggressive swings...
I happened to find him a perfect keepsake
afterward-an angry golfing Donald Duck ornament!

Can't golf without a binkie!
Action shot. He held onto that golf ball
nearly the entire time!

This reminds me of Godzilla for some reason :o)

Baby Bananaface preparing for takeoff
at his first haircut-he really enjoyed the
"Dora the Explorer" on the TV!

Me and my parents happily observing

Not phased at all-totally chill the entire time!
The "after" picture :o)

The hubs and I playing around
with Mom's "Snapchat" app thingy face-swap!

I used a lot of my DBT skills throughout the vacation and I think it contributed to me enjoying the trip more. I also really appreciated being able to use the skills to reach out to my husband and my family for support as I struggled with some anxiety instead of keeping quiet and trying to hide my truth.

Speaking of DBT, I had class tonight that was the end of a module and involved the graduation of 3 ladies that I really appreciate having in class and am going to miss quite a bit... I decided to be brave and wrote them each a little note with my contact information so maybe I'll hear from them and we'll stay in touch. We shall see! I think this is an example of one of the ways DBT is helping me and I'm growing as a person and I'm really grateful for that :o)

In other news, I start TMS tomorrow and see one of my friends from college/childhood so gonna be a busy day! I'm scared but trying to believe in myself and stay calm and focused and just do my best.

Mega post out!


  1. Wow. Such a wonderful post.
    Love the photos - all of them. And am so impressed at the huge strides you have been making. You rock.
    And good luck tomorrow.

  2. What a transformation! Baby Bananaface after his haircut is so handsome.
    love all the photos.

  3. Bye-bye curls. Did you cry? Wonderful vacation and thanks for sharing the joy.

  4. A lovely, wonderful time, though I miss the boy's curls! Hugs and I hope you enjoy your visit with your friend...I hope the other goes well, too.

    1. Thanks e, everything went well although it was a busy day for sure!

  5. Great pics! Your little boy is adorable - and very chill. He got a haircut and a golf lesson, and didn't stress. Well done!

    What is DBT? I've seen a couple bloggers mention it and it seems to help with anxiety/depression but I've never been to treatment so I'm unfamiliar. I also visited my family recently and it gets harder and more stressful every time. I feel like a stranger since I've moved away from home.

    I'm not sure if I've commented on your blog before but I've been following for a little bit now. Hope your day goes well. Have a great weekend!

    The Pedestrian Writer

    1. Thanks Chris, I'm not sure if you've commented before either (pretty shoddy memory at the moment) but I appreciate your comment regardless :o)

      DBT is Dialectical Behavior Therapy and involves individual therapy and a group class that teaches you specific skills to help cope with certain mental health issues. I find it very useful and have really appreciated it so far.

      BB is pretty chill, I hope he keeps that trait as he ages! Hope you have a great weekend too :o)

  6. Baby Bananaface is truly a beautiful little banana! What joy he must be for you. :)

    Great pics. You all look like you're having a wonderful time.

    I had a young man working for me once who was visiting Australia from Bellingham. He was a great young fellow.

    1. Thanks Lee :o) Bellingham is a wonderful place, there are definitely some very passionate people there but there are also wonderfully accepting and supportive people as well-I guess that goes for any place, huh?

  7. Wow, such a cutie pie, that boy. Glad your mom was giving you support. Good deal.

  8. BB is so cute! Did you keep some of those curls?

    Hannah, you continue to inspire, encourage and amaze me.

    You came to Canada and didn't come to see me???? *sarcasm font *. ;-)

    1. Thanks Birdie, we did keep some curls and trust me, had we been on the island you woulda had me lookin' you up!

  9. What a great post, Hannah! Baby Bananaface looks adorable, and I love the photo of you in the pool, you look beautiful and radiant! What a lovely smile you have! Sending you much love and many hugs. Perhaps sometime you can visit Montreal, it is beautiful here in Quebec! :)

    1. Thanks Linda, I wouldn't be surprised if we explore that side of the country some day. We have certainly enjoyed all our adventures in Canada so far!

  10. What a wonderful post, Hannah! I love all the photos you shared. Your baby boy is sooooo cute. And I laughed out loud with that face-swapping app 'thingy'. I've never used it but I've heard of it. Looks like fun. Glad you had such a lovely time!

    1. THanks Martha! I think you would enjoy the face-swapping, it's so silly and fun!


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