Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Lovely Weekend

My birthday was Friday, yes, "Friday the 13th" and no, that doesn't bother me. I actually feel extra special when my birthday lands on a Friday regardless of superstitious allusions.

Anyways! It was a great birthday. I had a good day at home and enjoyed the Valentine's Day special for The Price is Right, painted on the belly cast, even got some chores done before the hubster got home early and surprised me with flowers. We enjoyed our afternoon before getting dressed up for dinner at our favorite Indian place. My parents met us there and even though it was a little out of their comfort zone we had a great time and they enjoyed the food-especially the butter chicken and tandoori.

After dinner they came up for games, coffee or beer, and cake. I won both games! I was pretty surprised but if my dad hadn't been playing so fast and loose with made up words on Scrabble he probably would've beat me... On the other hand, Ticket to Ride was a bit of a slaughter. I swear playing with the blue cars makes me sneakier, like no one is threatened by the pretty blue and I chug under the radar. Before you ask if they let me win because it was my birthday and I'm "in a delicate condition," think again. We're pretty cutthroat, won't even give ya a game if you're the one in the hospital!

Saturday was Valentine's Day so the hubby and I made chocolate chip pancakes only to discover we had no clean forks (the dishwasher hadn't gotten run the night before). He gave me the last plastic emergency fork from the closet while he spooned his pancakes and I thought of it as a funny Valentine's Day gift of sorts. It was a slow Saturday for us and the abundance of food from the previous night's dinner made for a bountiful and delicious lunch while our mushroom alfredo dinner was easy and delicious as well.

We always exchange cards but this year I shook things up and got the hubster a Valentine's Day gift. Nothing major, just a custom mug from Shutterfly. It has a picture of us with the bump and the ultrasound picture and it says "No one else I'd rather share a foxhole with" and "Love ya, hun! Valentine's Day 2015." Other than that, we just approach the day with a little more romance and cheer and try not to overdo it on sweets :)

It had been quite a while since I felt so relaxed, but Saturday was delightful. Today seems to be following suit and the beautiful weather is only upping the ante. So very nice to have such a lovely weekend... Almost made me forget about the baby in my belly ready to drop at any moment!

Here's a bump shot from Friday... I think the odd face kinda captures the complex mood of the moment, happy but a little wore out with a dash of cranky!


  1. What a nice picture. The picture does indeed capture your mood. Hang in there. Not much longer now. :-)

  2. I'm hanging in there but I've got people starting to breathe down my neck on FB and texting me about "baby here yet?" and it's starting to irk me. I expected this to happen so I thought it wouldn't be such a trigger, but boy-howdy, sure makes me cranky hearing from someone just to be prodded for baby news! Guess that totally works in with the picture too haha Thank you for the support without the prodding, it is very much appreciated!


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