Monday, February 23, 2015

Still Pregnant

Yep. Still pregnant.

Trying to focus on the positives and enjoying my last days as part of a family of 2 but I'm losing my grip...

The last few days I've been more emotional and unstable, going from perfectly fine to utterly despairing in no time. Emotionally and physically I feel like I'm nearing a breaking point and the frustration is only exacerbated by my internal criticism and awareness that I'm well within normal limits and could be pregnant for a week or more still.

I also think the anxiety and dwelling thoughts lately triggered extra fear as I am reminded of my mental health history, kinda makes things worse having past episodes haunting me... Gonna try to take it easier on myself and focus on staying relaxed-and getting some sunshine.

Oh, and avoiding dairy. Me and too much dairy equals a concrete factory and this weekend things got a little outta hand with ice cream and chocolate milk and such! What a cherry for the top of my cranky-ass sundae!

Today I woke up in a pretty low mood but my mom came up for a visit since I've been feeling down and it was good to be kept busy and have someone to shoot the breeze with and decompress with today. We hung around home for a little bit, I made bran muffins, then we walked about some shops for a bit before ending up at the mall for lunch because I couldn't figure out what I wanted so we opted for a food court. My hands swelled up while we were walking around but a little sit down and water and I was back to normal pretty fast.

It was a good visit and even though no one knows when I'll have my baby it was nice to hear Mom say "don't worry, it won't be much longer!" She thinks I'll have a baby by this weekend and I sure hope she's right.

This picture pretty much captures it all....

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  1. By this time next week you will be a Mama. xo Just rest. This will be better than winning the lottery!


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