Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Crampy Zeppelin

Today wasn't a spectacular day but it went pretty well (other than falling asleep with my head lolling around so I woke up a little sore in the neck). I think yesterday's appointment with my favorite midwife and student midwife really helped my mood so today I didn't feel quite as overwhelmed and moody.

Still pregnant but I was able to focus on relaxing instead of agonizing. At the grocery store an employee struck up a conversation about my very obvious pregnancy and when asked "How far along are you?" I replied "All the way." Thankfully the ladies that ask me about it are pretty understanding when I say that I was due a few days ago, offering encouragement instead of focusing on the negatives...

And with that my energy for the day is spent! Hoping I can get a little more sleep tonight than last night but I won't hold my breath. Those potty breaks every 3 hours are just getting more and more difficult-makes me feel like a hippo with a turtle shell trying to get outta bed anymore!

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