Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pet Post

It's been a while since I've posted many pictures other than pregnancy shots and I can't remember when I posted about the pets so here is a little guilty pleasure pet post! 

The cats are pretty independent so Fio and I spend quite a bit of time together during the day, which may explain why I have the most pictures of him. This picture is from a few weeks back when he got a new rawhide bone-it hasn't lasted long! There is a nub of one end left so a couple of evenings' good work and he'll have it finished. I didn't think miniature poodles were destructo-dogs but this guy has proven he is bad to bones! ;)

Even if he's a destructive little bugger (we have one stuffy devoid of fluffy guts floating about the house and one ready to be completely disemboweled as well in addition to his nearly destroyed rawhide) he's also a cuddler and loves naps (which works great for me). I don't let him up on the couch very often but this picture is from one rare instance when I invited him up for a snuggle!

It hasn't always been smooth sailing, but the three pets have found peace-at least on sunny days. Fio and Millie will play chase sometimes and all three seem to enjoy barging into the bathroom whenever the door isn't securely shut and there is a vulnerable (AKA seated) victim to be bombarded for pets. They're also devoted co-beggars at the dinner table though Fio will throw any pet-sib under the bus for a table scrap.

Lately, Millie has been enjoying her daytime naps on the bed amid all my extra pregnancy pillows. In fact, she enjoys the pillows so much she's taken to sleeping on me when I'm sleeping with them! Rather interesting waking up with my legs pinned and Millie-the-jailer staring at me with a "well what did you expect?" look. As long as she doesn't start peeing on me I think we'll be okay sharing pillows for a bit longer ;)

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of Iroh to share though the hubster did take a little video of him recently. Iroh turns 13 this month and I think the video was an attempt to insure the eldest pet is memorialized properly!

Even though Iroh is getting up there in years he doesn't seem to be slowing down much. He's been holding steady with his achy hips and thyroid meds, still active (for his age), eating and drinking well. The only fly in the ointment is this annoying wormy issue!

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  1. Millie looks to be quite the lady of leisure. They say it's a dogs life but I think cats have it all figured out.


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