Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Better Evening

Was a slow afternoon but we managed to get our little family fed, cleaned up, and on the road to our appointment with the midwife. I even got a little bit of a nap before though not enough to pep me up.

Baby got gold stars for not only being back up to birth weight but passing his goal. I knew he'd been a super sucker but I had no idea he was bulking up to 10 lbs 4 oz that fast. There was another baby in the lobby and the size differential was crazy. Both a week old but she was 7 lbs 3 oz at birth and looked like an itty bitty lemur compared to our baby's silverback size!

The appointment went well despite the somber tones. We talked a lot about my status and how rough today was, the focus turning to getting more sleep and also having the hubbo make sure I'm eating whenever I'm awake. Kind of like "do as baby does," huh?

With my mental health history the midwife also wants me to contact my therapist and schedule an appointment for next week, just to make sure that things aren't spiraling into a postpartum mood disorder. She says weeks 3-6 are usually when those disorders rear their ugly heads so this could just be a bad day or two or I could be early, we'll just have to be vigilant.

I was also told to slow things down a bit. I mentioned the few walks we've been on and how I have a little bit of bleeding after but otherwise next to no bleeding and she told me to dial things way back. Spend time on the balcony, walk to the mailboxes, or just walk downstairs to sit outside for a bit but no "walks for walks' sake" or big trips.

I think my mom's pressure to get out and moving may have transformed into a mental bully and I took my well being fore granted focusing on "getting back into shape" instead of listening to my body. She's going to be up tomorrow with Fio as long as she doesn't get called in for a last minute gig, so we'll see how things go. Hoping there won't be triggers and going to try and stay positive instead of bracing for a shitstorm...

Speaking of, the last visit with my family wasn't the best. It was good to have food brought to us and play a game of Ticket to Ride but it felt like hosting instead of a supportive visit and the husband and I were both exhausted and put out. Hope tomorrow is better.... Yes. Lots of ellipses today! Can you tell I'm worried?!

Off to bed now. Gotta try to learn how this "sleep thing" works again.

Hanging in there. One hour at a time.

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  1. You delivered a 10 pound baby. Little walks. Listen to your midwife! Like I said, you have a lifetime to walk around.

    Please be good to yourself. Having a baby is the most major thing you will ever do. Breastfeeding is exhausting but once you and baby get the hang of it it is so much easier than formula. It will become like breathing. And the beauty of learning to nurse him while both of you lay down is wonderful/ No getting up and going to the kitchen to prepare formula! A lot of people will start telling you at this point to give him formula (and if you do that is fine too) but if you can stick with it you will save yourself a lot of time (and money!) in the long run.


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