Tuesday, March 24, 2015

All Hail the Queen

The hubbo passed his poo crown to me yesterday. Baby had an especially impressive blowout that blew all other blowouts outta the water and since I handled it apparently I earned the title "Queen of Poop."

Actually the hubbo was sexist and called me king but I've corrected his error....

In other news, today was dentist and midwife appointments. Dentist was painful, apparently the hormones made my gums sensitive but otherwise looking pretty good. Still have to repair some old fillings. Yay.

Midwife was good though emotional visit. Baby is 12 lbs and change already which makes me feel better about feeling like an over worked milk cow haha

Yesterday was one of those crazy growth spurt days and I thought I was gonna lose it. So happy when he slept a few hours back to back this morning, I really needed it!

Oh! Big doings... First diaper change and feeding on the fly. Costco parking lot, solo while the hubster did the shopping. I feel like an all growed up momma now!


  1. I took a a picture of one of my daughter's epic poo's. Yellow everywhere. She needed a bath, I needed a bath. Clothes changed, bedding changed... It was all over the couch and the carpet.

  2. Wow! Haven't had one that epic yet!


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