Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hell Day

The hubster calls days like today "growth spurts" but I call them "hell days."

This morning the baby was awake for 3 hours straight. If he wasn't putting my nipples to the test he was spitting up, if he wasn't spitting up he was filling yet another diaper and during it all he was fussing, crying, or straight up pounding me with his little big baby rage fists. I lost track of how many diapers and onesies and burp clothes we went through, but it was a disheartening number!

I was able to get a bowl of cereal in, sneak a piece of banana bread, but I didn't get enough food, I couldn't refill my water bottle, I barely had breaks for the bathroom. Eventually I started to lose my sanity a bit and just let him cry while I showered but that attempt to shore up my mental reserve wasn't enough to prevent a full on sobbing breakdown around noon while on the phone with the hubbo.

Somehow the baby went down during that phone call (stupid menfolk, it's like a rule of nature things get better just as they show up) and the hubster drilled it into me to eat. I got a sandwich down and half a can of sparkling water before Baby woke up. Up 3 hours and then only sleeps for maybe 45 minutes!?

He was up and down for the next hour before crashing around two. At that point all I could do was sit and stare at cartoons with Baby snoozing on my chest. I was pretty tired and afraid to move in case he started up again but I think most of all my brain just shut down. Making any kind of decision was out of my capacity.

When the hubster got home from work he took Baby, fed and watered me before the next cycle. I fed the baby yet again and then left him with Dad so I could nap-a good hour's worth before waking up to another feeding.

I really think the CIA should just give prisoners a baby to take care of instead of torture; they'd have guys talking in less than a day and they'd be giving parents a well deserved break!

On top of it all my rib pain (what we thought was a pulled ab muscle may actually be a rib out of alignment, TBD) was worse today. It's starting to creep around to the back and despite using an ice pack, a heating pad, and arnica gel throughout the morning I'm still feeling the ache. Not exactly what I need on a day like today.

OH-and I wanted to punch Fio in the face earlier. He barked at our neighbors as they stomped up the stairs and woke the baby. Another unnecessary "topper" for my day. I totally understand how pets end up in the shelter after a new baby arrives...

One hour at a time. Over and over. Let's hope tomorrow this carousel ride has a different tune.


  1. Aww! I did have to laugh at babies being used by the CIA. It is a great idea!

    Have you tried nursing while in bed?

  2. Definitely, side lying is awesome and he falls right asleep almost every time but with my rib pain it can be difficult or impossible sometimes... I guess I need to remember that when I start hitting the wall next time, just get back in bed! Funny how many brain cells jump ship when you've been doing too much on too little sleep for a bit too long!


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