Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Patty's Day

This outfit wasn't on for too long but we managed to get a "Baby's 1st St. Patty's Day" snapshot. It was a day of many firsts... and many wails.

First was the first real bath for baby. We didn't get to scrub him very well between the wailing and thrashing, and then the pooping... It was a bit of a cluster but we made it through. Next time should go smoother.

The second first (and last) was baby's circumcision. I was an emotional wreck, not straight out sobbing but getting teary when we put him the carseat to go to the doc's and when they took him to the other room for the procedure. The hubby went with him while I regained my composure.

Overall it was a good experience, great staff and festive-we all wore green and the staff put a fun leprechaun sticker on our insurance paper and even gave us chocolate coins. The coins actually worked out well for us since Baby was purty darn crazy after the procedure and we got frazzled trying to calm him down, change a diaper, and get him back in his car seat during a meltdown.

The third first was our first trip to a restaurant. Baby was pretty sacked after the appointment and we were pretty wore out so we decided to hit up Red Robin (for the first time since I got wicked sick after eating there a few months back). Things went well though we didn't get to do our first "public" diaper change or feeding, he slept right through! The people next to us had a birthday so the staff did the clappy birthday singing and nearly roused the babe but he ended up staying down (even though the hubster ate the rest of his burger in record time as if a bomb were going to go off).

The fourth first involved me baking with Baby. AKA trying to bake then ending up leaving the baking mid-recipe to soothe baby, try to put him down, go back to baking then back to baby etc. Then I tried baking one-handed with baby in my other arm, which worked for him but not for me. Eventually the whole thing culminated in a blowout diaper change and a minor meltdown, waking the hubby to change the baby while I rushed into the kitchen to finish the dough and throw my banana bread in the oven. Again, hopefully next time will go more smoothly!

In other news, we've got Baby's first pediatrician appointment Thursday and I've got an appointment with my therapist that day as well. I've been having some anxiety over my appointment, not about seeing my therapist but the billing situation. Last time there was a billing snafu that sent me into a spiral and now I'm concerned about giving the office my card information. The hubster had a good idea about giving them a credit card instead of our main account so I won't freak out so much if they end up doing what they did last time... Anyways, they're making me re-do my paperwork since it's been over a year since I've been in and just looking at it triggers the anxiety so I've been putting it off, hoping tomorrow I'll be able to calm down about it!

Otherwise we're doing okay. I'm still not getting enough sleep but my boobs seem to be wising up about the engorgement/overproduction. I had some random heavy, dark bleeding today but no bright red and it hasn't kept up but it was a little surprising after so many days with next to no bleeding!


  1. It has been 19 years since my son was circumcised and I still get upset thinking about it!

  2. I was surprised how upset I was! I never really thought "Let's not do this" but I was sure wondering what guy came up with circumcision all those many, many years ago... How does that occur to somebody?! Kinda crazy what becomes "normal" to us! He's healing very well and it's been a lot easier than I expected but pretty emotional seeing my baby with his first "boo boo."


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