Sunday, June 14, 2015

At least it wasn't sunburn

Coming home now. Graduation was soooo hot. The hubster and I slathered each other in sunscreen and packed the babe in on a front pack but by the time we made it to the stands and settled in we barely lasted 10 minutes in the sun.

I was sweating like a pig and nearly drained all our water lickety split then I got nauseated. The baby wasnt happy either, we tried to nurse him and get him to sleep but we were all too warm. We egressed to the a shade tent by the EMTs and the hubby went back for the strolller.

I spent bout half of graduation getting my feet back under me with more water and a snack, the rest we did baby care under the shade behind another set of stands. I did manage to walk over and stand below my family and cheer with them as my sister walked.

After it was over we had a blessedly quick exit and washed up for dinner. The change of clothes I brought came in real handy.

I still dont think my sister and her baby daddy are a great match and since he said something shaming about my breastfeeding the hubster likes him even less. The hubster thinks they are gonna get chewed up by postpartum, and I cant say I disagree. It's so much harder than you think and if you were squeamish!? I cant imagine...


  1. He had the audacity to shame you for breastfeeding? Well, he is now on my do-not-like list. :-)

  2. The hubster was up-in-arms like a poked badger so fast haha


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