Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Off to a Better Start

So far today is going better. Having the hubster home from work really helps!

Also had a crazy dream... First I was like a female "Wedding Ringer" (it's goofy but a fun funny movie) and I was running around in platform heels and a fabulous dress chasing down an alternative bride since some guy got dumped at the altar. 

When I found and brought her back to the stage (it was some big ass hotel wedding) I had the groom come up and did a sort of dramatic speech/presentation thing and told him to look at me, don't look over his shoulder at who I'd brought back for him to marry, but to tell me who it was.

He said the wrong name! Not just that, he said, "Wrong Name, because of that pony sex."

WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!? The only thing I could think of was that song "ride the pony, ride the pony," that I like up until that chorus. Hate that.

Anyways. I ran off to get hand sanitizer and then met up with the "Wedding Ringer" guy in the hotel kitchen while I scavenged wedding cake and espresso for myself. We went to the wedding he was running and had a blast.

That was the first dream. Second dream was a bit crazier but in different ways...

I was part of some sort of school field trip and we were abroad. I'm not sure where but after some sort of drama infused sleepover we ended up on an Asian airline, like we snuck on and stole it, and one of the gals was piloting. We took off on a highway and went under various bridges and power lines before rearing up at a steep angle and barely making it past some hydro lines. 

I was aware of some sort of "bad guys" on the ground trying to prevent us from escaping but what we were escaping remains unknown. All I know is that is was super dramatic and weird to have a bunch of people on a plane, only our group, and a student piloting a big jumbo jet. It was like a weird spy/field trip vibe and I think my sister was part of the group for whatever reason.

So, we'll see how this afternoon/evening goes but so far I'm doing a lot better. Got to sleep in (and have some weird dreams) and I feel like Baby and I have regained connection, which is a relief. I'm not totally bounced back but I don't feel like I'm sliding deeper. We'll see if the upward swing continues, definitely gotta work on the self care!

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  1. I do not like those dreams that stay with you, leaving to figure out what they mean.

    Sleep does help so much. Just continue to sleep and eat.


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