Sunday, April 3, 2016

Growin' & Jokin'

Baby Bananaface is growin' up. I suppose being hospitalized and all the ECT and healthcare issues have made the time fly by extra fast for me but it just seems like all of a sudden he's a toddler! We felt something prickly on his legs and wouldn't ya know it, he's growing leg hairs now. Never ever occurred to me to think of discovering body hair as an "awwww, my baby is growin' up" moment but there it is.

The biggest perk is his feeding himself. It's cute to watch (until the "I'm gonna rub this into my eyebrows" stage occurs) and so nice to have us share a family meal instead of me eating, the hubs feeding the baby, me cleaning the baby then the hubs eating and.... well, you get the picture. We all eat together now.

Of course, I will share some pics of his cuteness :)

"Momma, what're you doin?"

"No seriously, what're you doing?"

"Oh Momma, you're so silly!"

He's also doing vroom noises when we play cars, which I find impressive. It blows my mind that he's mimicking like that when he was just a larva lump a little over a year ago!

PS The hubs just pulled one over on me pretty well, it was hilarious. He was sitting behind his lappy as we're eating lunch and said, "Whoa."

I asked, "What? What is it?" Watching his eyes scan the computer screen, assuming his was reading some breaking Google news about some minor disaster.

"Trump was arrested."

"WHAT!? For real?!"

"Yeah. Federal indictment for Trump University, no bail." He replied with an overjoyed smile.

I stared at his face and felt befuddled, disbelieving but amused and hopeful. Then I said, "It's like living in a movie."

"Hahaha!" He laughed, "I was kidding. I made the whole thing up."

Stunned silence. 

He explained his goofy ruse and then I asked what his original "Whoa" had been from but he said nothing, it has all been fake right from that first exclamation he made that was so convincing! 

This guy tickles me, hahaha, gosh I love him.  :o)


  1. Baby BB is gorgeous. But you know that.
    Trump? How I wish he was locked away...

  2. Love this! Life happening. Don't blink!

  3. This is just too cute! What an adorable little one boy. He is growing so quickly. You sound so happy, sweet girl. YAY to that!

  4. Thanks everyone! It's been quite a year and change!


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