Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for Xmas #atozchallenge

This post is part of my first year doing the A to Z Challenge and I happen to be writing under the theme Gratitude: The Things That Keep Me Alive. This is a relevant theme for me as I am struggling with postpartum depression, and also have diagnosed anxiety and bipolar II (just to let you know what's going on with me-it might be pertinent as you read the post below). Thank you for stopping by and reading my post!

X is for Xmas because A) I didn't have a ton to work with when it came to the letter X and it's the only word I found in my dictionary that actually got my brain juices flowin' (see below)

and B) Xmas (pronounced Christmas, please) is a big deal in my first family and even though it can be quite stressful being such a big to-do, it's also very distracting and having an elongated holiday season of madness can distract me from my own madness which is quite appreciated and necessary to help me get through the dreary winter sometimes.

Even more than the season itself, Christmas in my family is a yearlong affair. Whether it's scouting Christmas presents or stitching Christmas stockings (Baby Bananaface's is nearly done, BTW), Christmas is always a viable topic of discussion in my first family and, honestly, it's nice to have a go-to, back-up, easily distracting topic that is safe to discuss and easy to fall back on when it comes to my family (conversations can easily go sideways or get hurtful in my family and changing the direction with "Hey, what about Christmas...." is a very appreciated emergency tool for me and the hubs).

I love Christmas not for any religious reasons, I'll sing "Silent Night" but that's about it, but for many little reasons like seeing ornaments that have been on my parents' Christmas tree for decades and watching twinkly lights or Christmas movies that I've seen too many times to count and baking or making sweets that I only bake around Christmastime... I love the traditions. I enjoy seeing people that I don't get to see but once or twice a year, I might not like them or care what they have to say or what's going on in their lives but I like mixing things up!

As far as my mental health goes, Christmas can be a positive and a negative all at once. I get out more, I have things to do, it motivates me to be active and social but it also stresses me out and can trigger a lot of social anxiety and often makes me realize just how distant my family can be.

What about you? Do you celebrate Christmas at all? Does Christmas relax you in certain ways or totally stress you out? What are your favorite things about Christmas? Do you have certain decorations that have been in your family for years and years?


  1. I LOVE Christmas. It is my favourite holiday of the year. Not for gifts or the commercialism but because of the memories it stirs inside me of many wonderful family gatherings. And man more to come!

    1. <3 I totally relate to the memories part, not the commercialism!

  2. Tim and I enjoy getting gifts for each other, wrapping them and opening them at midnight. It's so much fun to be a kid, that night. And I love it when it snows, too. So much fun.

    1. We rarely get snow on Christmas up here, that sounds magical though <3 I love wrapping gifts but coming up with gift ideas is hard for me so that can be frustrating sometimes... I find it easier to buy for the family gift exchange than for specific people. Either way, I love curling ribbon ;o)


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