Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We Interrupt This A to Z For---A Mini Vacay!

So the hubs and I took a miniature vacation this week. It involved first hauling us, Baby Bananaface, Fio, and all our stuff to my parents' on Saturday. We helped with a few projects around the house (they've put it on the market) and then on Sunday my husband, dad, and sister went fishing to celebrate my sister's birthday and opening day. They got not one nibble!

Monday, the hubs and I took off for Oregon, leaving the pup and babe in my mother's care. We cruised down to the Woodburn outlets and had a miraculously efficient shopping spree where we found exactly what we needed in a very zippy fashion; only walking a third of the outlets before declaring our visit a success, grabbing some Jamba Juice, and hitting the road again.

Midday we found ourselves at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Wow. This place is massive, has a ton of stuff, in the middle of nowhere (pretty much there because a father and his son decided "what the hell, I'm doin' this"), has a theater and a waterpark, of course, and we only ended up there because I happened to find it on a hand painted map of the Pacific Northwest that hangs in our kitchen and said, "Hey Hun, do you think we could go see the Spruce Goose on our mini vacation? Or would that be too random?" Not too random for us. It was awesome!

Spruce Goose is HUGE!!!

Really HUGE!!!
Inside the Spruce Goose (with the vintage beach balls that tickled me so)
Fancy panoramic shot the hubs took. Yes, that's me in the blue!
Of course they had rockets too...
we just took less pictures of the space stuff!

We geeked out for a couple (or few?) hours (including a 45 minute documentary on hidden universes and giant ass telescopes) and I got a totally random clearance event shirt commemorating an event I didn't attend for $6.50 as a souvenir because, hell, I could and then we took to the road again to head for our "destination," McMenamain's Grand Lodge.

The lodge was kinda creepy including our room's story/theme about a mason that was assassinated for threatening to publish masonic secrets in 1862 but eventually we got comfy and the Japanese soaking pool was a big part of that! Love, love, loved the soaking pool.

I also had a wonderful experience at Ruby's Spa with a sweet manicurist that swapped birth stories with me and was so reassuring about my progress with my postpartum depression and getting my life back, it really didn't matter that I smudged my nails not five minutes after leaving the spa because that special talk we had meant just so much.

Once again, our destination was a bit in the middle of nowhere, but it was actually a lovely drive back to civilization off the I-5 for the most part after our delightful breakfast Tuesday morning. As we passed through Portland on our way home we got to stop at the rose garden where we had our first kiss and have a nice stroll. We didn't get to sit on the bench where we had our first kiss since it was occupied but we kissed by the bench anyways and got a different selfie over by the fountain <3

Met six years ago this August

We got my parents and my sister each a little prize as a thank you and we got to listen to quite a bit of a book on tape that has us totally hooked now (multiple great plot twists, tell ya what). The book on tape is a part of a series that we haven't read or listened to before but it's been delightful listening regardless and we can't wait to finish it!

Oh, and the damned postcard. Good grief. Our room at the lodge included a postcard and I wrote a nice thank you message to my family but the lodge didn't have stamps so we couldn't get it stamped until a headache supply stop at a local Walgreens later and they didn't have a mailbox so we were looking for one the entire way back until-guess what-that postcard gonna be postmarked my parents' hometown. D'oh. But we mailed it, gosh darnit.

It was just an overnight solo trip with a lot of special activities stuffed in but it was so delightful. I felt like myself again for the first time in a long time and despite some anxiety and other symptoms, I felt encouraged about my ability to recuperate and find a solution that works for me and my issues. It was lovely and so nice going on an adventure with my man again, just us, for the first time in such a long time!

Yay for mini vacays!


  1. Hannah, you look radiant, dear friend! So good that you got to enjoy some time like this. I am fascinated by the Spruce Goose and have never been to an aviation museum, but it looks like a great place! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. This is great. What fun! And you both look wonderfully, ridiculously, awesomely...happy :) It's terrific to get away now and then and spend time alone. You were a couple before you became parents!

  3. This sounds so good. Those mini vacays are the perfect way to reconnect with self and each other. You guys look awesome!

  4. Aww thanks girls :o) I was feeling good but this is just bonus goodness reading these comments!

  5. I am glad you got time away with just your husband. :-)


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