Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Got actively harassed while nursing in public during our trip for the the first time ever (outside my family's lack of support/milder harassment).

I was nursing on a street just of the main street, sitting on a big wooden bench with the hubs sitting beside me drinking some water and a lady (late 50s or early 60s) walked by and said to me, "You really should consider covering up when you're in public."

The hubs was on her like a honey badger defending his comb.

"Yeah, lady, well state law protects..."

"For the children..."

Me, in a pleasant tone, "It should be normalized for them."

Her, bitingly, "It's inappropriate!"

At this point she's still walking and talking and the hubs is up hollering at her, "State law protects breastfeeding in all public places!"


The hubs shakes his head, and gives me a "what the???" look.

"Well have a nice day lady!"

Me, in a slightly rattled but relatively pleasant tone, "What that bitch was crazy. Thank you for defending us hun."

We smooched. It was very white knight romantic despite the yelling and public disturbance.

And now, I shall soothe myself through memes....


  1. If you are anything like me this would have shaken you up. How fucking dare she! See, I am older and no longer give a shit and I would have freaked the fuck out on her ass. I have the patience of Job but if anyone steps into the ring with me on human rights issues I go a little bit crazy. I actually make a point to praise women breastfeeding in public. For god's sake, it is hard enough without being told that you shouldn't. It makes me especially mad because formula feeding is trying to edge its way into being the gold standard. Yesterday, with my feet in stirups at the gynecologists office there was this great poster beside me that showed the 40 weeks of gestation. It was all well and fine until I noticed the words at the bottom. It was from Similac and had some very fancy words that were very technical and science-y. (Don't misunderstand I do NOT have problems with formula feeding. I did with my son for a short time when I was on IV antibiotics and my sister formual few both her girls. It had a place and has saved the lives of countless babies.) My point is, breastfeeding is hard work. Really hard. And covering up ever is wrong but it is so obvious in the summer how uncomfortable it is. Babies get overheated under a blanket.
    Anyway, I am going off on a tangent. I really think most people these days are just fine with women breastfeeding anytime anywhere. It is just the right-wing conservatives that seem to have a problem with it.
    So whip out that breast and feeding that beautiful son of yours!

    1. Yes! As a doula I was very pro-breastfeeding before I ever conceived and now I find myself somewhat of a breastfeeding activist, not covering or being shy about it and this incident made me wonder if I should be more modest but the reality is, covering up is a pain in the ass! Not to mention the overheating or baby pulling it off or to his face. And I am protected by law no matter how much boob I flash. It's been interesting reconciling my values with my social anxiety and inhabiting a new sense of mom self.... Good to know that I'm not crazy and that I'm not alone :) Thank you!

  2. I love the Ryan Gosling one! Hahaha...

    Don't take it personally, Hannah. Most of these remarks come from individuals who are ignorant or very outdated. Sometimes it takes entire generations dying off before real and permanent progress is made.

    I like Gandhi's style. Sometimes you get the best results when you stay calm and remind people to educate themselves on the matter. When both parties blow up, you really don't get anywhere aside from mudslinging. And both parties dig their heels in a little deeper. As the expression goes "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." It's easier to get what you want and win people over by being calm, cool and collected. And polite. Just my two cents!

    1. So true on both accounts! I think the hubs censors himself so often day-to-day at work that when these situations arise all his pent up frustrations come to the fore and he can overreact, and that lady was obviously an angry ignorant type. That said I'm glad he defended me in the moment but we talked it about afterward and in the future want to try and take the high road or educate people.

      I think just about all the Ryan Gosling memes crack me up!


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