Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Had a good talk with my nurse and while I still feel low she gave me some hope. Maybe I am just working through some stuff and it's upsetting not necessarily just suicidal just overwhelming, and thinking like that is much more...  palatable than diving right to "I just wanna die again." I have a lot going on. It's okay to feel overwhelmed and feel a lot. Gonna try to resist the suicidal thoughts more effectively tonight and tomorrow.... Today's journey to the bottom of the Hannah was enough darkness!

Trudging forward again.


  1. It sounds like there are some really good people there. Consider me happy dancing for you.
    Of course you are feeling overwhelmed. So much going on, and away from the comfort of home.
    Keep trudging. One teeny-weeny step at a time.

  2. I'm rolling a happy dance for you, too since you have good people around you...As EC and Birdie say, baby steps...Hugs!

  3. Hannah, it is good to express your thoughts and get them out. Sending you a warm hug.

  4. It's been so busy around here and I've fallen behind. But I just finished catching up on your blog and I have to say that I am so impressed by your insight, your determination and your strength. You are a fighter and I believe with all my heart that you will indeed keep moving forward with every step you take. You're so eager to be happy and you will find the path that fits right for you!

  5. Glad you're finding help there. Wonderful news.


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