Friday, December 11, 2015

A video and a wellness update

This video brought me some joy today:

Those faces! They are like flying penguins or just more approachable than the pileated woodpeckers we have up here ;) Either way they make me a bit happy and that makes me grateful. I am also grateful for The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Their bird cams rock and I love their newsletter, it helps me get back in touch with positive things that I love even when I stray.

My mood lately... it's been up and down though by "up" I mean still sad but functional and feeling a bit optimistic or normal, not really up, up or feeling better. The down has been awful. It doesn't seem as bad as a few weeks ago when it was day after day of feeling horrible but the off and on is pretty bad too, I never know what to do and always feel off balance.

I've shaken some of the sadness and I seem to be avoiding the crying spells, so I'm not quite as down as I was before but I have been tired and drained and overwhelmed, especially by Baby Bananaface. That was a huge part of what made Thursday so bad, was all the hurtful thoughts I had toward him because I just wasn't fit to parent. At therapy, I parked his stroller and ignored him. The therapist had to soothe him or entertain him, I was just checked out. I ended up driving around a lot to keep him asleep later.

Sadness and frustration over my parents was another bad part of Thursday for me. They cancelled day-of to do Zoolights with us, and while we had a great time I felt rejection and disappointment wash over me later. A part of me feels like my mother is punishing me for the issues with my sister, it's all in my head but I have this imaginary motivation for her actions that is linked to me not going to visit my sister or me saying I might not go to Christmas etc. etc. My therapist gently reminded me that working on boundaries may mean staying away from family until those boundaries are better developed, and I think she's right on.

Good grief.... what would it feel like to feel unconditionally loved by my parents? understood and accepted? I may never know, and in the mean time I have to take care of myself and say "screw what they think!" and go after what makes me feel better. ***

Anyways, wellness. I'm not well. I'm above water level but I'm not thriving. Things need to change, they need to change so I don't end up back in the hospital or hurting my baby or hurting myself. I need regular, scheduled childcare to give me relief and I need time to work on myself and take care of myself. I need care right now, not to ignore my needs and try to soldier through-that's not working. I think I'm coming around to understanding that more now!

*** I feel like my parents would say that they love me unconditionally and accept me but I don't feel that, I feel judged and as if I have to earn my affection . I don't think the fault lies only in them or me, I think it's a messed up party of sadness but it is so frustrating feeling like we speak different languages...


  1. Hannah, I can see why this video brought you so much joy, it has brought me just as much joy! The fact that you are understanding more will be a great help for you, Hannah! One minute, hour, thing at a time, one day at a time, taking everything as it comes. Sending you a warm hug and much love.

  2. I think you don't give yourself credit for just how exhausting being a mom is. It never ends, those demands. Babies need everything from their parents and are totally reliant on you to provide for every need right down to their entertainment.
    I think when we look back we realize just how tiring being a mom is and it isn't until our kids start to take care of themselves we realize just how much we do for them. Being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me but why do you think I don't have babies running around? Because the make you tired!

  3. Love, love, love the bird video.
    I use the birds here as a treat, a reward, a distraction... When I am overwhelmed and drowning the birds return a smidgeon of sanity/normalacy.
    Birdie is right. Being a mama is tiring for someone in the peek of condition.
    I so hope you find some childcare and love that your therapist seems to be on the ball.
    Hugs. Always.

  4. What a great video. Those birds are stunningly beautiful. I'd never seen them before.

    Continue to heal, Hannah, one tiny step at a time, and I hope one day all these issues will be resolved and you will know complete peace and happiness.


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