Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ding ding ding!

e guessed right on! My "What am I?" picture was chunks of cornbread fresh outta the oven having been toasted for stuffing. Gold sticker for you!

The hubs and I did a Cajun spiced turkey, succotash, cornbread dressing, greens, and exhaustion for dinner. I didn't have much of an appetite but enjoyed a taste of everything. I've been very tired all afternoon and cannot wait for sleep. Last night was horrible, tossing and turning for hours!


I'm feeling sad and lonesome, having difficulty keeping up with BB, and being impatient with the hubs. Oddly, the dog and I seem on good terms. It may not be the best of Christmases, but there are always off years. I hope everyone has a cheerier holiday than me if not an exceptionally fantastic one to boot :)

Sending gratitude and love into the blogoverse a little more than usual tonight, for Christmas, for you all.

Happy Holidays


  1. I think most people have a generous helping of exhaustion on the side (and the top and the bottom) with all holiday dinners. And exhaustion is soooo much better than resentment which is the sauce in too many homes.
    Hugs and the usual oceans of caring.

  2. Many hugs and lots of love coming your way, dear Hannah. Take care of yourself and make sure you get some quality rest. You are never alone.

  3. That was a fun game. And your seasonings sounds delish. Funny about the dog, the way you wrote it, was funny. Sorry about the rest but it's a good sign that you liked the taste of things.

    Baby steps.

  4. Wow, the food sounds pretty awesome! And I laughed about the dog part. Animals are very cool :) I hope you got some rest and I wish you a beautiful day today.

  5. ░☆░☆░ Happy Christmas ░☆░☆░
    ░☆░☆░ PEACE and LOVE ░☆░☆░

  6. I hope you and hubs get some rest...Your menu sounds wonderful and I laughed at the dog part too, mostly because sometimes I feel I love my cat more than most people...Hugs.


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