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Words for Wednesday

Words for Wednesday! Went differently than expected, so I'm a bit nervous posting, but hey, I'm an honest gal and that's how I roll.

Here are the prompts via Elephant's Child:

This month the prompts will be published here - but are provided by Margaret Adamson and her friend Sue Fulton.

They are again challenging us with photographs.

First this one:

And then this:

Next month the prompts will be supplied by Riot Kitty who you can find here.

Mark Koopmans has offered to provide the prompts for May.


These prompts brought out a secret dream of mine of writing a romance novel someday. Totally random but it resulted in my first foray into... uhhh, romance noveling? Whatever you want to call it, I had to censor my last chapter due to content (thus, the pretty, red WARNING message below) I didn't feel comfortable putting the naughty bits up for all to see, I'm not exactly... shy about the sexy times! but if you would like to read my first efforts at a sex scene, just let me know and I'll get you the details ;o)


WARNING: These prompts took me in an unexpected (naughty, y'know *wink, wink*) direction and the last "chapter" has been "censored" due to content (I ain't shy about the sexy times so if you're not into graphic scenes you probably won't enjoy my writing-fair, extra warning). You can send me a carrier pigeon or comment that you'd like to read the last chapter and specify how you would like me to send it to you. Otherwise, just enjoy the jungle adventure!


"Women need their time too."

Offering a close lipped smile, Veta lifted a large basket to her head and turned away from her sons and their grandmother, Maricel. Leaving them gathered around the fire she headed for the door of their small hut with her load of woven blankets, food, water, and other essentials.

Maricel smirked, "Be careful, child. Watch your step. Sleep well."

"I will Mama." Veta turned back at the threshold of their ramshackle home, "Faro, Ramon, you boys be good to your grandmother and help each other, si?"

"Si, Mama," the boys chirped in unison, already content with her simplistic answer to their earlier inquiries about her impending departure and immersed again in their game. Something to do with stones and little twigs the size of her forefinger. *****

Veta smiled, tears coming to her eyes as she watched the boys and thought of their father. She never would have chosen Salomon for her partner but he had done the best he could to provide for them and brought food home for the family.***** She wasn't sure if she ever loved him, her cheek had known the back of his hand too well, but she knew easily how much she loved her boys. It was hard for her to leave them, even if only for a night. Their father's death had made life harder in many ways, but in others she was relieved.

Maricel caught her daughter's eyes and nodded, smiling reassuringly.

Veta nodded back and turned to the morning light creeping into the village. She had a long hike ahead of her to the abandoned citadel at the top of the mountain to the west of her small village. She had arranged to meet a man named Lorenzo. He was from a neighboring village on the other side of the mountain, they knew each other from the monthly market and had begun an illicit courtship.

It would be the first time she'd left her boys alone overnight. The first time she'd followed her feelings for a man. No one was dictating her actions, telling her whom she would be with, this was her choice. There was a lump in her throat and her heart was racing but she also felt a swell of pride and excitement as she left the village just before the day begun, avoiding any questioning eyes.


Stomping around the last bend, she huffed toward the meager clearing in the forest floor around the old stone structure and wondered if Lorenzo were at the citadel yet. She whistled in a short, questioning trill and hearing no response wiped at her sweaty forehead and trudged up the worn stone stairs and into the stone building.

Vines and moss had began a hearty invasion while the tropical rains had massed an impressive assault against the rugged building. The Spainards had given up their quest to tame her ancestors' jungle but they hadn't been half-hearted in their initial efforts, leaving behind a hardy building and sticky religious doctrine in their wake.

Setting her basket down, Veta gathered leaves to make a broom and clear the small room adjacent to the windowed entrance hall. She swept the floor and carefully laid the blankets down before collecting firewood. By the time Lorenzo wandered into the clearing she had rubbed the scent of jungle blossoms on her wrists and neck, tucked a few blooms behind an ear in a moment of whimsy, and rearranged her few items in the small room three times.

The sun was on it's way down and he cast a long shadow. She saw a string of fish dangling from one hand, his sword and sling packed with a few essentials on his back. He was sweaty and tired but smiled a sweet, toothy smile as Veta brought her hands together in glee over her own broad grin. His friendly face, high cheekbones, and soft eyes were a warm hug even from a distance.

As he reached her at the citadel he brought his free hand to the hair just above her ear and slid his fingers through the thick black locks until his hand cupped her ear, then neck, then came to rest at her shoulder as his eyes closed in pleasure.

"You give me my breath back." Lorenzo sighed, bringing his sweaty forehead to the top of Veta's head, "I have been waiting for this night all month. Missing you and wishing we lived in the same village."

"Ahh, but if we lived in the same village we could both hardly disappear for a night without raising everyone's eyebrows!" Veta chuckled and rested her hands against his strong chest. Happy tears prickled her eyes.

"Ha! True. Let us eat. I've carried these fish for so damn long I can't wait to put them to flame!" He laughed and lifted the fish in weary emphasis.

Veta described the contents of her basket, they caught up on village gossip and family news, prepared a small fire and shared a pleasant but rather speedy meal, hastily cleaning up as dusk fell. Lorenzo cleared his throat and Veta twiddled her thumbs before they both giggled nervously and excused themselves, disappearing to separate edges of the clearing to ready themselves for the evening's pleasures ahead.


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