Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Little Escape, Reflections

Thursday the hubbo and I snagged a timeshare opening up north for a little impromptu getaway to Birch Bay (up by Blaine). It was a little stressful getting the dog to the kennel and navigating some traffic but in the end it was lovely just to shake things up and change our surroundings. Not to mention the glorious rain and snuggly clouds that rolled in on Friday.

Felt lovely walking in the rain and looking over the bay from Western's (my alma mater) student union building... Interesting going back to my old uni. So much has changed in the 5-almost-6 years since I left there.

Old memories flooded back to me and felt so distant, like they were translated from another language in order to reach me as I am now. I am a different person now, my internal landscape as altered as my outside appearance. Walking around the campus with my husband and baby filled stroller further emphasized the immense changes that have occurred since I attended school there... It was such an odd, sweet feeling looking back and realizing how differently my life turned out than how I had planned or expected and yet how much more wonderful this reality is.

Here are some pictures :)

Baby and I trying to get ready to meet a friend for latte and donut
before the trip north

gelato and espresso in Fairhaven
no such thing as too much coffee right?

on the boardwalk, we have this thing about taking pics of me nursing
and decided to add a family selfie to the mix!

thinkin' of cutting my hair but not sure if I'm ready
 to say goodbye to my long hair just yet

baby's beach bod
actually he just spit up all over his shirt...
uh, yeah, just now 5 months old.
he's a beast

And my 3 top favs...


  1. Looks like a great day. Nursing-the-baby selfies. I love it! You might even start a trend :)

  2. It is strange to look back at our pre-baby days. It seems like we have always been a part of our life. I look back at the time before I became a mom. I don't even know that girl anymore.

    How much does he weigh now?

  3. About 21 I think? He's in 9 month clothes but they're getting tougher to snap and I plain gave up on some of his shirts between the tight shoulders and belly bulges haha


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