Sunday, July 12, 2015


I'm talkin' with a frog in my throat today. I had hoped the cold would start alleviating but I guess I have to put in some more time.

The baby has started coughing too. It's horrible. He seems in fine spirits, but seeing him sick is a first the hubby and I aren't excited about.

In other news, he is hitting his milestones and doing well. He's been grabbing his feet and sticking them in his mouth like crazy, even taking pieces out of his swing mobile when he used to ignore the thing.

At his last check-in his percentiles were still high, 99% for weight, 97% for head, and 80% for height, but the lower height percentile irks me. I feel like I'm back in school and not getting the grades that I want. He doesn't look wrong, it's not like he's disproportionate, but it bothers me. I hope he jumps back up into the 90s for his next check up. But maybe if he doesn't I can use it as a learning opportunity, coming to terms with imperfections?

My mood was crappy yesterday and while I'm not feeling great today I feel marginally better. I think that I know in some corner of my brain that I just have to put one foot in front of the other until happier days return. It's a twisted system but I don't think all the supplements and food are the catalyst for feeling better, instead it's a chicken-and-egg blend of my mood getting a little better, so I take better care of myself, so my mood gets better, and I take even better care of myself... a snowball, ya know? I was rolling all right, but I'm back to putting flakes together one at a time.

OH. I found a forum online where moms gather for mental health support. I'm still getting to know the ropes, but I'm hopeful that it'll be a good community for me. As far as real life support, I'm still working on it. I'm pretty skeptical, but I keep trying. One "mommy walk" at a time...

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  1. Those damned growth charts! My daughter was so small she wasn't even on the growth chart. And it worried me to no end.


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