Sunday, July 5, 2015

Well Good on ya Hersheys

Looking at the back of a chocolate bar wrapper I saw a little badge design that said "Gluten Free" and underneath it in the design is "As Always."

Ive seen so many inherently gluten free items with "Gluten Free" badges it makes me sick. Water. Rice. Peanuts. Raisins. It's ridiculous.

I understand the marketing value of sticking those stupid labels on the packaging but the idiocy peeves me. At least the chocolate bar owned up to being gluten free as always and not implying a reformulation.

It's the little things that count, right?

PS if you couldnt guess the gluten free fab diet crazy irks me. If ya have celiacs for real I suppose it's all a boon but utterly annoying to have people adhering to a gluten free diet for made up health benefits when real sufferers go their entire lives battling such a disease....

It's still broiling. Makes me extra pissy I suppose.


  1. I am crying out, "YES!" right now. I do have one friend that truly does have celiac disease. She and I went to school together. She is about 4'6 and weighs maybe 80 pounds. The reason she is so tiny is because she had celiac but didn't know she she lived well into adulthood not knowing and ended up being severely malnourished.
    I have someone in my family who has diagnosed herself with celiac disease even though she has had test after test saying she is not. She is also vegan. She says it is for health reasons but she is the most unhealthy person I have ever met. I want to shake her and tell her to eat some normal fucking food.

  2. S E R I O U S L Y ! That sucks about your friend but I hope she is doing better (as much as one could) now that she knows. My sister is supposedly gluten intolerant but doesn't do anything about it, just talks about the fountains of diarrhea she induces with her poor eating. Lovely, eh? And yet so in character for my sister.... *grumble grumble* :)


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