Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adventures in Breastfeeding As Told Through Memes

As I've mentioned before the hubster and I have encountered resistance while breastfeeding in public or (specifically) in relatives' homes. Sadly, the most guff we've gotten has been in the homes of our family members. But despite those few horrible instances of shaming I have had many wonderful "Julie Andrews" moments, especially when I get to breastfeed outside. For some reason I find nursing outside especially wonderful and uplifting. NOTE TO SELF: breastfeed outside more often!

This meme totally reminds me of the hubster and how he leaps to my defense whenever I get a negative look or someone says something shaming about my nursing. He's very rational and assertive and even recites "breastfeeding is a federally protected right!" while puffing his chest and clenching his fists. Well, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the idea.

We don't have teeth buds in sight yet but Baby has his "bad days" when the teeth forming in his gums cause him pain and cause the entire family agony and fussiness! The other night was a "bad day" and the hubbo said, "sounds like teething fussiness to me" and I said "sounds like 'gird yer nipples' to me!" 

I haven't spilled milk yet but I definitely get upset if we "waste" any of my freezer stash. I've had to throw some out and it is so upsetting.... So much work and it doesn't get used! I know people say "donate to the milk bank" but that's not for me, too much pressure and stress. Anyways...

Oh yes. Me and too much milk means fire boobs much more often than I'd like. Whoever claims engorgement only lasts a few days is full of it!! PS I hate that song and just looking at this gets it stuck in my head.

The magical effect of breastfeeding on an infant. I cannot express how many times nursing has saved my sanity and my hubbo's, and it works much faster than a pint of ale!

Of course, I'm blogging about Baby (in a way) so he just had to interject with a massive poo. Blew out front ways, thankfully onto a flannel pad instead of the carpet or play gym. No cries, just a scrunchy face. What a weird one, this kiddo! Good thing I checked on him! I will spare the universe an "Adventures in Baby Poop As Told Through Memes," but it would be epic, I assure you.


  1. Breastfeeding was initially hard for me but I kept at it with both my kids. (My son was 13 months and my daughter 2 1/2. (Talk about the looks and negativity!) It is not easy, as you know so give yourself a pat on the back.

  2. That's awesome you nursed that long! I've definitely been thinking a lot about down the road, initially I thought making it to 9 or 12 months would be my max but lately I've been thinking about longer and been concerned with the pressure to wean and introduce solids and looks/negativity based on his size and people thinking he's too big to nurse.

  3. Feed away, girl. People have to stop being so alarmed by such a natural, normal, beautiful thing. When are we going to move beyond the absurd reactions?

  4. As I said, my son pretty much stopped on his own at 13 months. I was pregnant with my daughter and he lost interest. My daughter was sick a lot and in and out of the hospital so I just kept nursing her. She weaned herself. I will say that I will miss breastfeeding until the day I die.


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