Friday, July 31, 2015

Survey says!

Cannot tell if he is happier waking up in the morning or sporting an overfilled diaper!

This is why I have protective flannel mats all over the place! He is totally content to lie in wait with the mother lode while I unwittingly pick him up from his crawling position to find myself gooed (he was on his belly when he planted this trap).

Oh, the simple things :)

On a side note, the hubster and I just bought this pack of onesies (it's supposed to be space themed but he looks like a Cowboys cheerleader in this one, much to our chagrin) and it's supposedly 12 months size but they're already stretched and he's popped a seam in the pit! Pffffft.

Still tired and easily overwhelmed but feeling better and despite hardly any food this morning I was able to feed myself lunch, so that's something. Going out tonight and having our first non-family sitter watch the baby. I'm in knots! *gag* She's coming over early for a walk through and observation period, so we shall see... and the hubs is sitting up surveillance ;) Hoping I can let loose and enjoy some live music with family and friends at a local restaurant. Here we go parenthood adventures # 437!


  1. Have a wonderful night - and I hope you can let loose.
    Love your boy's smile. He does look v pleased with his cute self.

  2. Hi Hannah, I am glad to know you managed to eat something and that you are feeling a little better. Your boy is precious, I absolutely love his smile! :)

  3. He just keeps getting cuter, doesn't he? And he looks very proud of himself! lol

    I hope you have lots of fun and your babysitter is awesome.

  4. Oh, and don't feel bad if you think about baby the entire time and end up going home early because you miss him. And don't feel bad if you don't miss him and don't want to go home. ;-)

    1. Thank you Birdie, this helped me enjoy my night a bit more!

  5. I'm happy to see you feeling better. I hope you have a great time! Your baby is so beautiful!

  6. You have one cute kid...Baby Bananaface looks so happy...I hope you enjoy yourself.

  7. Thank you all, we were able to have fun though we were in anxious knots as well. I only teared up for a moment when we first left :) Delicious food and wonderful drinks and good music. Sitter did great and even did our dishes!

  8. Hey Hanna. Where's your follower's gadget?

  9. I've consulted with IT (AKA the hubs) and it's in the bottom area with all the other gadgety stuff now :)


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